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  1. Yogic Life and Creativity

    February 12, 2011 by Gef Tremblay, Category: Reflection & Articles

    Creativity has taken center stage in my life during the last 2 years. What brought about that change is in part a conscious decision, sprouting from my own commitment to stay at Yasodhara Ashram for 2 years, and in part the natural evolution in my yoga practice. The whole transformation has been a natural healing process that took me from a misconception about the artistic life to the reality of a passionate creative life, which in turn brought even more healing! For me yoga is art and art is yoga


  2. Glimpses of Reality

    September 5, 2009 by Lightwaves, Category: Reflection & Articles

    Geoffry Tremblay

    Years ago I decided that Hidden Language Hatha Yoga wasn’t for me. I have quite a logical mind and I didn’t get how doing yoga while answering questions would help me. I never reflected back on that decision until a few weeks ago when I decided to take the Hidden Language Hatha Yoga teacher certification course. It was quite a blessing for me to be part of that training. During the course my logical mind made space and I had a glimpse of my next steps, a glimpse of who I am beyond the mind. This process of opening started in the middle of a morning Hidden Language class… (more…)

  3. Accommodating the Divine

    August 20, 2009 by Andrew Baerthel, Category: Audio & Video

    Sandra Hindson“Its really about trusting, remembering about the importance of pacing oneself, caring for the body through the work and listening to the body in the work.” Yasodhara Ashram’s Accomodations Manager (And 2009 YDC alumni), Sandra Hindson recently took some time with Lightwaves to reflect on her practice of karma yoga. To find out more about Yasodhara Ashram, Karma Yoga, Retreats, Courses and how you can become involved, Click Here.


  4. Putting the Trees First

    August 10, 2009 by Andrew Baerthel, Category: Audio & Video
    Cierra Dahlquist, Orchard Manager

    Cierra Dahlquist, Orchard Manager

    “A central learning for me in the orchard has been about discerning and anticipating needs beyond just my own personal needs”. Yasodhara Ashram’s Orchard Manager, Cierra Dahlquist continues our series of area reflections leading up to this year’s Annual General Meetings (AGM). To find out more about Karma Yoga, the Young Adult Program and how you can become involved, visit the ashram online by Clicking Here.


  5. Liberation: How to Begin

    July 25, 2009 by Andrew Baerthel, Category: Audio & Video

    Liberation CoverOn December 29th 1973, Swami Radha gave a satsang talk on the subject of Liberation. It has evolved through different formats and mediums over the years and is now available digitally after being completely remastered, refined and polished. In this post, Lightwaves proudly presents an audio clip of the first chapter, How to Begin, along with reflections from media intern, Andrew Baerthel and resident sanyasin, Swami Durgananda.

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