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  1. Diamond Sparks

    when you first called me radha

    April 11, 2010 by Lightwaves, Category: Reflection & Articles

    Here is another poem in a series from Swami Radha’s collection of poetry, when you first called me radha. Sparkling with wisdom, “Some Souls” is a reminder of the power of words to inspire, leading us from the darkness to the Light. Accompanying “Some Souls” is an excerpt from the afterward written by Clea MacDougall, who share her insights into the significance of Swami Radha’s poetry.


  2. Harvesting the Nectar

    An Interview with Swami Lalitananda

    April 8, 2010 by Sandra Hindson, Category: Reflection & Articles

    All I want to do is keep my focus on her, serving her.” As editor of Swami Radhananda’s upcoming Timeless release, Swami Lalitananda shares with Lightwaves her experience as witness to a profound relationship between guru and disciple. The dedication that Swami Radhananda had to Swami Radha when she was alive is one that carries through now as president and spiritual director of Yasodhara Ashram.  Here is part one of a two-part interview with Swami Lalitananda, author of Inner Life of Asanas and Glimpses of a Mystical Affair.


  3. Timeless News

    April 5, 2010 by Gef Tremblay, Category: News & Events

    We are happy to announce the immediate availability of our first carbon neutral printing initiative.  For our new edition of the Divine Light Invocation, we at Timeless decided to work with Hemlock, a company in Burnaby who received the International 2008 Heidelberg Eco Printing Award for Most Sustainable Printing Company. (more…)

  4. Swami Samayananda on Sanyas

    December 17, 2009 by Swami Samayananda, Category: Reflection & Articles

    SamayanandaJanet Gaston entered the sacred order of Sanyas on September 8th and emerged as Swami Samayananda. Samaya in Sanskrit means commitment or vow. The goddess Samaya is present in the Kundalini Mantras of the first and  second chakra, whose compassion, Swami Radha writes, ‘allows the aspirant to return and try again. This is Her most soothing service.’  Swami Samayananda shares her process of beginning her new life at the same time letting go of another.


  5. Call for New Timeless Title

    November 12, 2009 by Sandra Hindson, Category: News & Events

    time-to-be-holyAs part of the process of moving to print-on-demand, we at Timeless Books are updating and re-designing several of our books and CD’s.   Time to be Holy, a Timeless classic will be republished using the new print on demand technology. We are in the process of designing a new cover and considering a new title. We would like to invite you to help us by sharing your ideas. The winning title will receive the first copy of the latest edition using this new technology! (more…)

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