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  1. In my Heart is a Song

    creating music for poetic dance

    December 8, 2010 by Satya, Category: Audio & Video

    Become aware that the pulse of life is like a dance, life is flowing, you’re moving along weightless, like the branches of the trees, like the flowers, like the grass, like the ears of a cornfield moving in waves, in interaction together.          – Swami Sivananda Radha

    Swami Radha’s poem, In My Heart is a Song, is the inspiration for a beautiful dance created at the Spokane Radha Center. Her poetry, love, light, music and commitment to inner growth blend with her early history as a professional dancer, and come into harmonious interplay in a choreography that touches all of us who dance her words. (more…)

  2. Diamond Sparks

    poetry from swami radha

    April 22, 2010 by Lightwaves, Category: Reflection & Articles

    Excerpts from when you first called me radha continues with a reflection on how Swami Radha’s poetry has inspired the Spokane Radha Centre to dance!  “Swami Radha’s poetic voice is infused with the intelligence of a life lived with passion.  This realism is what makes them accessible, practical and also inspiring.” (Clea McDougall)  Satya writes how the dancers in Spokane are accessing the poem, “In My Heart is a Song”, bringing it to a life that resonates in their own hearts.


  3. Spokane Plants Seeds of Service

    March 28, 2010 by Satya, Category: News & Events

    The Spokane Radha Yoga Centre teachers are leaping into the unknown while keeping their ears to the ground. They are listening for resonating connections within the Spokane community, following where it leads with some exciting budding relationships. They celebrated the fruits of this practice on Swami Radha‘s birthday with a 108 Sun Salutations event, keeping the inspiration vibrant. Satya connects with Lightwaves to share their latest news. (left: Mandi Walters, Radha Centre Youth Coordinator and Jed Wagner, Events Coordinator.)


  4. Swami Durgananda in Spokane

    March 26, 2010 by Swami Durgananda, Category: Reflection & Articles

    Swami Durgananda, who is residing in Spokane, WA for the winter months, updates Lightwaves with what she is doing now while living at the Radha Centre and shares some of her memories of being with Swami Radha during her final years.  Her tender stories resonate with a quality that reminds us of the sweetness of the relationship between teacher and student. This Saturday, March 20, under skies of blue, radiant with sunshine, we at Yasodhara Ashram celebrated Swami Radha’s 99th birthday. It was day overflowing with gratitude for all that she manifested in her life, a legacy that we are the beneficiaries of.


  5. Retreat in the Woods of Connecticut

    August 1, 2009 by Swami Yasodananda, Category: Reflection & Articles
    Recently I spend some time with my brother and sister-in-law, Ted and Donna Spickler, at their summer home in northwestern Connecticut. This rustic house, which can only be occupied in the warm weather, has been in my family for 4 generations. I never dreamed that I would some day be there with 5 other women, relaxing, chanting, and reflecting on the large porch that used to be the feeding ground of chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons and birds.
    Each participant is in an occupation relating to caring for others – a nurse, a social worker, and 3 yoga teachers. The setting in the woods was perfect for a small group 3-day retreat. It was peaceful and quiet; even Lucky, the dog, went on a no-barking tapas for the entire time. I was quite taken by the change in Lucky as we gathered together. She picked up something and responded. Was it the intent to go inward? Is there a vibration to that intent? I think of a phrase in the Radha Krishna Prayer: “When Thou art silent the whole world becomes silent.”  Entering silence sets something in motion that affects my surroundings. If we all entered that silence what an effect it could have in our worlds!
    Each day of the retreat started with a Hidden Language class. The weather was unusually cool, with temperatures dipping into the low 50’s (10 c?) at night. The sight and sound of a roaring fire in the fireplace helped to get us moving. The fireplace was not quite close enough to the Hatha space to do more than disperse a little of the chill but as we warmed up our bodies on the first morning the language of the Tortoise emerging through reflection brought a different kind of warmth into the room.
    In the course of the retreat we reflected on sections in Light & Vibration and Ted, a former physics teacher, gave a fascinating talk on physics and consciousness, using the chapter in Light & Vibration on images and Light as a starting point. The gist of his talk was that science uses images also, but in the form of mathematical equations, to explain the unexplainable – similar to those of us who use images of deities to approach the Divine. This was another piece of the puzzle for me about the oneness of all life; I have not had a friendly relationship with science, despite having scientists in my family and in friendships. But hearing about the connection between science and my devotional practices gave me a practical example how how things I assume are separate can fit together. Siva and Sakti are like an equation. Although appearing different they dance together with no problem, blending their differences into a cosmic whole and enriching life because of their dance.
    Between the spiritual practices, the peaceful surroundings and fresh air, the delicious food prepared by Donna with such care, and the pace of the retreat (modeled on Ashram retreats) all were nurtured and inspired.

    RetreatSwami Yasodanada, from the Spokane Radha Centre, recently journeyed to the eastern United States, bringing the teachings with her – she taught a Music & Consciousness workshop in Hollywood, Maryland as well as a Yoga retreat in a cabin in the woods of northwestern Connecticut. In her words, “We had to rearrange furniture to accommodate the workshop… it was an experiment to see if the retreat would work in this very rustic house with one bathroom.” She shares her experience of the retreat, bringing forward intention, silence, and warmth.


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