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  1. Soft Power of the Teachings

    February 6, 2010 by Seva Ganga, Category: Reflection & Articles

    lotus-2Stephen Ganga, a long time practitioner and teacher of yoga shares his experience of Swami Radha’s approach to Hatha Yoga.  Hidden Language Hatha Yoga has opened up a new world for Stephen that guides him in his life off the mat.


  2. Trusting the Light

    January 25, 2010 by Lightwaves, Category: Audio & Video

    “We’re all in the same nest. We all have to fly at some point to the Light, which is available always, if you make yourself available to it.”
    Swami Radhananda

    In this video, Swami Radhananda talks about how the uncertainty we encounter about moving into new situations is like being on the edge of a nest, ready to take flight.  She invites us to explore these moments when we hesitate in taking flight. “If you have that purpose that the Light is always there, there doesn’t have to be so much anxiety…then you can fly out of the nest!”


  3. Mind and Action

    January 19, 2010 by Andrew Baerthel, Category: Audio & Video

    Swami Radhananda“From each action, we learn. We just can’t stay inactive, because the world is always changing, our mind is always changing.” In this Satsang talk, Swami Radhananda speaks about the mind, the nature of change and the power of choice. She asks us to observe when we talk ourselves out of taking the action that is needed. Finally as the doer, we have the power to undo the past, present and future. “Awareness is the key.”


  4. Cultivating Sacred Space Online

    January 8, 2010 by Niall McKenna, Category: Reflection & Articles

    Niall McKennaNiall Mckenna fills us in on an exciting and creative ‘man-ifestation’ of the Teachings: a group of Ashram-connected men have become ‘pioneers’ of sorts – meeting online to create a safe and supportive space in which to connect in the heart, communicate openly, and challenge and support one another in their continuing processes.


  5. The Aspirant: Laying the Foundation

    December 28, 2009 by Andrew Baerthel, Category: Audio & Video

    Swami Radha“Why am I here? Why was I born? What is the purpose of my life?” In this talk given by Swami Radha, we are invited to explore these difficult questions, to clarify our life’s purpose. As an aspirant, these are questions we have to constantly explore for ourselves, and which lay the foundation for further spiritual development.


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