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  1. Music as a Spiritual Tool

    May 26, 2009 by Sarah Spence, Category: Reflection & Articles


    Sarah Spence

    Songwriter Sarah Marlowe Spence lives and teaches Yoga in Auckland, New Zealand.  She has studied at Yasodhara and was one of the musicians who contributed to the recording of Lift – sacred music from the Ashram.  Here she shares her experience of the ‘pyramid’ of music – from pop to songwriting, bhajans and mantra, reflecting on the role each has played in her life and her connection with the Light.


  2. Where is Fort McMurray?

    May 22, 2009 by Darishma, Category: Reflection & Articles


    YDC 2008 graduate Andriko Lozowy has been working in Fort McMurray, Alberta, on a project that enables youth to find an expression of voice and place through the art of photography.  This is his lens on the  project and the role of light in changing and illluminating the images and the work.


  3. "That Profounder Beauty"

    May 20, 2009 by Eileen, Category: Reflection & Articles

    'the harmonious order of the parts'

    In this excerpt from her book The Glass Seed, regular ascent columnist Eileen Delahanty Pearkes recounts an experience of beauty, asking: “What is it in the end that makes something beautiful? Is beauty a superficial aesthetic experience, or does it involve something deeper?”


  4. Kid Koala Loves Boy Priest!

    May 18, 2009 by claire, Category: News & Events

    Inside Outside Overlap coverCanadian turntablist and graphic artist Kid Koala recently revealed in an interview on Whazamo! profiles (part of Ontario’s graphic novel month) that his all-time favourite graphic novel is Timeless Book Inside Outside Overlap by Billy Mavreas. The book evolved out of Billy’s regular comic strip for ascent magazine, tales from the vase, and features Boy Priest and his faithful “cat” lifeform. For all those who will be missing Billy’s whimsical work in ascent, Inside Outside Overlap lives on and is always available from Timeless Books – you can order it online here.   (And peek inside the book here.)


  5. 'The Light Was There'

    February 28, 2009 by claire, Category: News & Events

    Photograph from Swami Radhananda - Kootenay LakeFor the past few weeks, Swami Radhananda has been traveling to spread the teachings outside of the Ashram.  Her latest offerings of Light are an upcoming exhibit of her photography, and an upcoming workshop, both at Radha Yoga and eatery in Vancouver. (more…)

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