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  1. Revolution of the Seed

    sarada's passage to navdanya part III

    June 26, 2010 by saradagrace, Category: Reflection & Articles

    The last few days have been a whirlwind of sights and colors. Settling into Navdanya has been like a dream: misty mornings followed by scorching afternoons, followed by star filled evenings, one after the other. The sounds of Hindi are becoming more familiar to my ears and I have learned the names of most of the community members here.


  2. Living Service

    bridging the local and global community

    June 24, 2010 by Andrew Baerthel, Category: Audio & Video

    Integration. It’s been a consistent theme for both myself and our blog, Lightwaves. Almost 3 months after taking the Yoga Development Course and Hatha Teacher Certification I have begun to ask myself questions like, “how do I bring my practice into the world?” and “what does it mean to live spiritually?” In August, I will be leaving Yasodhara Ashram after close to two years of residence here. As the reality of moving to Ottawa and working with youth at risk comes closer to fruition, I am feeling inspired.


  3. Balancing Peace in Chaos

    mediating between the wild and the cultivated

    June 22, 2010 by Paris, Category: Reflection & Articles

    This week at Lightwaves, we are investigating the meaning of local and global sustainability. We will post three reflections of two yoginis and a yogi who are integrating spiritual practice into their lives and work, and offering back their inner Light through selfless service.

    We begin this thematic week with Paris Marshall Smith, Yasodhara Ashram’s garden manager, as she explores her own re-acquaintance with the land she nurtured last year.


  4. Potential in Experiential Education

    ecological stewardship for generations

    November 23, 2010 by Sarah Keenan, Category: Reflection & Articles

    A vision for the Comprehensive Land Management Project is seeing our natural surroundings as a tool for experiential education. Sarah Keenan, a regional coordinator for Katimavik, has been bringing youth to Yasodhara Ashram over the last year to experience karma yoga and hands-on learning.


  5. Meeting Dr. Vandana Shiva

    sarada's passage to navdanya part IV

    July 27, 2010 by saradagrace, Category: Reflection & Articles

    This summer, Lightwaves is posting a monthly theme week on sustainability, featuring the reflections of inspired yogis who are integrating spiritual practice and critical thought into their work at a global and or local sphere.

    We begin this second thematic week with Sarada Eastham, a Canadian intern in India, devoted to international development and drawing awareness to social, environmental, and agricultural injustice. (more…)

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