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Miriam's Story pt. 1

September 16, 2008 by Lightwaves

Jacqueline Summer is a professional storyteller and Yoga Development course 2008 graduate.  Here she reads part one of her original tale, Miriam’s story ~ a young woman’s apple-filled journey towards the Light.  Listen with intuition!

Miriam’s Story pt. 1

Miriam was tired, she was hungry and footsore. The journey had taken a lot out of her;she felt drained. She looked across the landscape ahead and saw rows of apple trees extending into the distance, and beyond a soft glowing light. The trees stood neatly spaced, their branches pruned to symmetric proportions, creating the kind of “lollipop” tree she had drawn as a child. This memory evoked in her both a sense of security and a longing for something lost. The brightly red, winking apples amongst soft green foliage beckoned her on. Miriam began to feel a little lighter and a re-kindling of the embers of energy within her.

The first tree was abundant with apples, all ripe and ready to eat. Miriam reached up among the fresh leaves and snapped a deep red apple from its stalk. The fragrance of the fruit awakened her senses, she enjoyed the touch of the shiny skin and the weight of the apple in her palm. Miriam lifted it to her mouth and took a bite. It was so juicy that the clear sweet liquid dripped down her chin. She had never tasted anything so delicious before. The young woman stood silently dappled by sunlight beneath the apple tree and delighted in every rich mouthful of fruit. Miriam whispered her gratitude up into the canopy of leaves for the nourishment she had received, and began to walk towards the next tree. The light in the distance seemed a little brighter and closer as she went.

There were less apples on the second tree, but they were equally as red and alluring. Miriam again stretched out her hand and plucked an apple from its perch. She had never really looked at an apple before, but as Miriam did now, time seemed to stand still. Suddenly she saw a green patch in the redness, the exact shape of a leaf that had rested above the apple and shielded it from the sun’s rays, creating a copy of itself imprinted onto the skin. Miriam thought joyfully as she bit into the apple, “I am eating sunshine!” It was sweet, it was delicious, but not quite so special as the first one. After thanking the tree, she stepped lightly on.

Now Miriam saw people; a man and a woman coming towards her from the opposite direction against the brightening light in the distance, causing them to appear as shadows. They stopped to talk to her. The man, stooping, was supported by the woman, whose care-worn face reminded Miriam how tired she herself had been a short while ago.

“You’re going the wrong way!” insisted the woman.

“This is the right way for me”, replied Miriam, surprised at her own conviction.

“No,” said the man, lifting his weary head to look her in the eye. “Follow us. We know where we’re going.”

“Thank you for your concern, but this is the way I want to go,” returned Miriam and without waiting for any further efforts of persuasion on their part, she said “farewell” and walked on towards the next apple tree.

The light now moved across the ground like a mist and Miriam experienced it swirling around her feet, reflecting up into her eyes. It made her laugh with the abandon of a joyful child and she knew in her heart that she was going in the right direction.

Soon the third apple tree stood before her, its craggy bark leading up towards the mystery of its branches in which many creatures had made their homes. Miriam counted only seven apples amongst the vital green foliage. She closed her eyes and asked the tree’s permission to pick one. She felt the response of the tree spirit in the form of a warm embrace and her heart opened in silent gratitude. The third fruit was pleasant and comforting but not as juicy or fragrant as the first two.

Miriam danced towards the source of the light, which grew in intensity as she went. She ignored families coming the other way, who tried to entreat her to join them. At the sixth tree, Miriam chose one of the three apples hanging there. The dry, sour taste brought her the realization that her hunger had disappeared. She no longer needed this sustenance. By the time Miriam had reached the seventh tree, she could barely see where she finished and the light began. She experienced the warmth of the light filling her and radiating out from her very pores.


Miriam’s Story concludes with part 2 in the next issue of lightwaves (Ligthwaves 33; October 2008)

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  1. what a wondrous tale…tantalizing and yet familiar. Looking forward to the next part. Jacky, am in RSA. May the Light within you grow stronger with each passing day. Rita

    Comment by Rita Nandy — October 15, 2008 @ 10:49 pm

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