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Family healing retreat strengthens bonds.

May 31, 2007 by Lightwaves

16familykissingmom.jpg A family of nine comes to the Ashram for a four-day healing retreat and goes away feeling uplifted, supported and stronger.

All families have their histories – some of them joyous, and some of them sorrowful. For the Tron family, the time was right to heal their past and come together for forgiveness.

This spring, the Ashram received a spontaneous request for support for a healing retreat. After years of hoping for this kind of gathering, nine members of the Tron family (parents, three adult children and their spouses, plus two grandchildren) came together from across BC on less than a day’s notice. They brought a facilitator who helped them deal with a recent family emergency and some painful events from their past. By the end of their four-day visit, something powerful had happened. Elizabeth Quinn had the opportunity to talk with Sharon Tron, the youngest daughter, about their experience:

This experience has completely changed all of our lives. We all felt so supported and so humbled. We felt all the people here holding us in Divine Light, and that all of our ancestors were here healing too.

We feel so grateful for the opportunity to be able to come together. It’s so important to clear the residues of pain because otherwise it just hangs in your psyche and you repeat the same patterns over and over again and you pass it on to your children and they pass it on to their children and it just keeps going.

We felt so much acceptance and understanding that the process of healing doesn’t happen exactly on schedule. It is an organic process. So most days we were late for meals, but there was no anger despite how this affected the kitchen and the dish clean up. We are all eternally grateful for the space that we’ve been held in here at this ashram because it has been very special. Very special.

An email from the family two weeks later affirmed their gratitude for the healing opportunity the Ashram gave them:

Please take a moment to reflect and FEEL the depth of what you all are doing there and how it is impacting our planet. Never doubt what you are… it has been such a gift to so many and will continue to be and to spread love and peace throughout the world. Keep up!

Janis Tron, the mother, added the following by email:

The Tron family is at the beginning of a healing process. It is a beautiful miracle and I thank God for this blessing. Furthermore, I trust that even more healing will happen if our family continues to speak “our truths” from our hearts.

The Ashram community was inspired by the Tron family’s openness and their commitment to moving forward in love and harmony. Their visit was a tribute to the power that families have to transform their relationships with one another.

If you are interested in visiting the Ashram, feel free to:

Visit the retreats page with family options
Call 1 800 661 8711
or email

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