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Ashram Annual General Meeting Video Tour

August 22, 2008 by Lightwaves

Watch a walking tour of some of the ashram’s connected centres and an inspiring dance of gratitude.

In preparation for this year’s AGM we asked some of the ashram’s organizations to contribute videos. In case you couldn’t be here for this year’s meetings, here is a tour of the ascent and timeless headquarters,  as well as an overview of the Radha centre in Spokane.

Ashram AGM Tour


Ascent Magazine


Timeless Books


Radha centre, Spokane


This year, Swami Radhakrishnananda underwent surgery to control the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. She has graciously filmed her Dance of Gratitude and shared it with us.


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  1. Thank you so much for these glimpses of Radha’s inspired disciples. I am especially pleased to see Swami Radhakrishnananda looking so well and able. I hold her in my heart in gratitude for her brief but critical interlude as my kundalini guru in Toronto many years ago, and as my interlocutor with Swami Radha in the short period before her mahasamadhi. She was attending Radhaji when I visited for an interview, after which I had a cosmic meditation vision of Radha as a great constellation. She appeared three times in this form. Radha impressed on me the nature of my incarnation, and impelled me forward to fulfil it. All blessing to all of Radha’s followers.

    Comment by Gavin Stairs — August 22, 2008 @ 7:41 pm

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