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Sanyas: The Yoga of Renunciation

December 19, 2009 by Andrew Baerthel

Swami Radhananda“(Sanyas) is the further development of your spiritual life. It’s not an end because you never start something from the end, you always start from the beginning, being a beginner. And then it carries on, you keep going forward.” In this satsang talk, Swami Radhananda explores sanyas, renunciation and the importance of living in spiritual community. Swami Samayananda and Swami Sivananda both add insights into their own experience of Sanyas as well as the process of working with the new Timeless title, On Sanyas: The Yoga of Renunciation.

In her upcoming book, On Sanyas: The Yoga of Renunciation, Swami Radha invites us to reflect on the following questions:

Is renunciation the same as non-attachment? If you have no attachment, there is nothing to renounce. Can one force renunciation, or when the time is right, does it come naturally, like a ripe cucumber dropping from the vine?

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