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from the archives of swami radha

May 4, 2010 by Andrew Baerthel

Swami Radha“Your relationship with God in the male or female aspect has to be like a personal love affair.” In this post, Swami Radha speaks about love and our relationship with the Divine in a satsang talk from the archives. With Mother’s Day approaching, Swami Jyotihananda shares a reflection on the many manifestations of Divine Mother.

In the yogic tradition, Divine Mother can be seen as the underlying force in the Universe, manifesting in countless forms. As Krishna said to Radha: “Being a mass of Light, you are formless, taking on a body to favour your devotees.” (Brahmavaivarta Purana, Book II 55:78)

Divine Mother has four powers; strength, wisdom, harmony and perfection. I can take one of these powers and look for it in my day, recognize how it lives in me, in my community, and in knowing that She is present. When Divine Mother takes root in my mind, I am reminded of who I am, of my potential, of what I can become.  She is not an image outside of me, but an image within that leads me to offer the best that I can each day. “May everything I do be taken as thy service.” Hari Om. – Swami Jyotihananda

In the following video, Swami Radha poses the following questions relating to mind:

How do we understand that God loves us? or Divine Mother, Krishna or Jesus Christ? What do I get and hope to get back in return for the love that I’m giving?

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  1. Thank you Jyotihanda for your lovely words! It is sometimes hard to remember that the Divine is not a presence outside of us but, as you say, “She is an image within”. In this culture one is so used to recognizing and taking so much meaning from life by external cues and representations of wisdom, power, strength etc. When one is able to recognize the Divine within ourselves the work begins as we develop and grow in our wisdom, strength, harmony etc.
    Q: What do I get and hope to get back in return for the love that I’m giving?
    A: In the beginning I waited to see what I would get back. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Was it a clear sign, a miracle, a voice saying ‘well done’? I am learning however, that my expectations are for harmony, balance, and happiness, within me, and around me. Those expectations are freely fulfilled. When I give love to the Divine, I feel free inside, fulfilled. I feel I am nurturing myself by and through my practice. Loving the Divine is love and happiness. And that is what I feel, and it helps me strive for my potential, it gives such confidence and strength. This in turn is who you are when you share your life with your friends and family. – Jyoti

    Comment by Jyoti Heine — May 4, 2010 @ 2:03 pm

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