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YDC: A Family Sabbatical

October 27, 2009 by Lightwaves

Peaceful-landscapeAlanda Greene writes about the sweet offerings of taking time off from our busy lives and spending time going within.  This time can be for anyone, especially for those with families. The community of Crawford Bay has recently constructed a new Leeds Gold Standard public school which offers children an inspiring space to learn in.  Think about it, stepping out of the fast pace of daily life, slowing down to listen to the wisdom that awaits within and knowing that your family can be there with you.


THIS LONGING TO FIND A DEEPER MEANING IN LIFE, to explore a pace of life that offers time to reflect, to quietly digest experiences, and think deeply is what people are expressing a desire for.  But how is it possible?  Where can the circumstances that support such inquiry be found, especially for the woman or man with the responsibilities a family life?

Yasodhara Ashram is located in a quiet rural area, deliberately placed far away from the day to day distractions of regular life.  The Ashram provides a peaceful environment and at the same time the tools to investigate life and  find that inner knowing on which purpose and meaning depend. The ashram is also part of a community, and many people have found that a family life is not an insurmountable obstacle to being able to have the opportunity to explore their life more deeply.  Many children have come to the ashram with their parent or parents and have attended the local school while living at the ashram.

New-School-April-09-001A NEW SCHOOL HAS RECENTLY BEEN BUILT in Crawford Bay, the first school in British Columbia built to the Leeds Environmental Gold Standard. With its natural lighting, fresh air, a beautiful environment both inside and outside  and natural building materials, the school is an inspiring environment in which to learn.

Consider the possibility of a sabbatical, the possibility of the whole family experiencing the benefit of a quieter lifestyle and a period of time surrounded by a beautiful natural environment.  What benefit could unfold from experiencing a simpler way of life for a time?   The Ashram offers the 3 month Yoga Development Course from January to April every year.  While one parent explores deeply through such a course, the rest of the family could participate in ashram life and community life in a different way.

New-School-Grand-Opening-058IT’S DIFFICULT IN TODAY’S WORLD TO FIND TIME FOR AN INNER LIFE. But there are possibilities.  The ashram provides a place of contemplation, reflection and exploration.  It is grounded in a setting that supports this, so that the man, woman or modern family, can have the tools to bring quality and awareness into their lives. The sense of the inner self, of that knowing from within, is the only secure foundation on which to build one’s life.

“Modern man and woman are under tremendous pressures today, perhaps greater than at any other time in history. With the massive bombardment of the senses which supposedly brings relaxation, relief, and pleasure, men and women are driven away from their inner being.  The source of power and energy renewal is buried to such a degree that help is needed to rediscover it. There is no point in an individual expecting this help from technology and the manipulators of power.  A totally new approach has to be worked out in order for life to have any meaning besides the dollar and what it stands for.”

– Swami Radha, exerpt taken from Kundalini Yoga for the West.

Yasodhara Ashram will be hosting the Yoga Development Course from January 9 – April 9, 2010. For more information you may call 1-800-661-8711, view our online course catalogue, or email samayananda@yasodhara.org. To join the event on Facebook, click here.

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  1. Wow, what a great article. We are so fortunate to live here and what an amazing opportunity for families to come for extended visits. It’s a winning situation all around!

    Comment by Lea-Rae Belcourt — October 29, 2009 @ 10:58 pm

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