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Dance of the Muladhara Chakra

October 13, 2009 by Lightwaves

taraTara  Naraynsingh visited with us at the Ashram this summer for the Kundalini Chakra dance workshop.  She speaks of her experience with the dance and how it reflects her life and work, offering the yogic teachings in Trinidad. Swami Yasodananda, a long time devotee of Swami Radha‘s choreographed the dance to the 6 Chakra mantras of the Kundalini System and offered the workshop.


Tara and I met out on the Mandala deck at Yasodhara Ashram on a warm, sunny August afternoon. Being a dancer myself and having worked with the Kundalini Cakra Mantras I was curious what her experience was in this workshop and how she would bring it into her life in Trinidad.

Dance of the Muladhara Mantra

Dance of the Mantra for the Muladhara Chakra

Tara: I’m glad that I’m taking the dance workshop.  I am working with a limiting concept, that dance is not a natural for me and imprinting a new memory.  We are working with the Kundalini mantras, which are sacred words, words of power, so if I’m not doing it perfectly, what matters is I am trying and that is meaningful to me. So I will take the dance home with me as a practice, focusing on the dance of the first Chakra, the Muladhara. I want to use it to bring more of the feeling of the dance to the work I do in Trinidad.

Tara shared her story of establishing a Radha Centre in Trinidad and the foundation that was needed there in the beginning from which she could build on.  It was one built, like the Muladhara Chakra, the foundation of the Kundalini system, in the visible and invisible realms of the inner and outer world of Siva and Shakti.

Tara's home and teaching centre in Trinidad

Tara's home and teaching centre in Trinidad

I have had to focus on the basics, which is what is needed in my home in Trinidad.  It is not glamorous; it is taking one step at a time. At the beginning it involved very basic things like picking up garbage around my home where I teach because they are not environmentally conscious. Gradually after about a year there was less, probably because they saw this gray haired lady picking it up all the time. I have to make sure on a regular basis that people have a clean entrance to come to, so there is a lot of basic needs even before I get to the teaching. It is a place that needs that, attention to the basics and I have embodied that. I can now see how unaware I was of my own body because I came out of that environment. So it is very apropos that I will go with the Muladhara Chakra to start with and build upon that. It is like my work in the teachings, I started by focusing on the basics and that is what is needed there.

Tara lived at the Ashram for two years, a time that she described as an experience that served her well and prepared her for a new life, bringing Swami Radha’s teachings to the Caribbean island of Trinidad.


Castara Bay, Tobago

It was in Trinidad that I had a couple of experiences from my childhood that were painful and traumatic that were locked in my body. It was at the Ashram that these experiences began to open up. I had some really stubborn patterns that I had to deal with that had to do with communication. I became closed in and I didn’t know why or what was happening. It seemed natural that I was the way I was. Then it came to me one morning in a flood of emotion, it was an incident of abuse from a stranger in school.   It was a painful revelation with lots of emotion but it was such a good thing to have gone through-I had held all that in and never spoke about it with anyone- a kind of self-protection. It was because I wanted to understand what was happening that everything came to a head where I could then speak about it. It is something that I can never be too grateful for, releasing that emotion from my body.  It is this and other experiences that I have had that have a seed of potential waiting to be revealed and healed.  I am using the dance to develop that awareness to heal what my body is still holding onto around this.  The dance is a way of looking after myself, healing and imprinting a new memory.


Street Scene

So it was all this groundwork that I did that I was able to build a new and stronger foundation for the teaching I do in Trinidad. The funny thing is that where I am living and teaching now is just a stones throw from the school where it happened when I was five years old.  It’s amazing as there is very little trauma about it now. I now understand this play of energy in myself and how I use it- having looked below the surface of it allows me to go back to that same place and be neutral about it.  And that’s what I was talking about when I said that these experiences have a seed of potential within them as they have made me stronger.


Tara Naraynsingh

I now live in a family compound and the issues that come with it. The issues that arise I need to reflect on and not react in the same way I used to but from where I am now.  It is when I can’t sleep I know that something is unresolved so I have to get up and reflect on it.  I am at peace when I can be transparent like this with myself; as reflected in the 5th Chakra mantra, Siva the progenitor of the sky, transparent like a pure crystal. It is this dance- the dance between the visible and the invisible, Siva and Shakti, that this unseen part has ways of showing me when the personality aspects are getting in the way.   It has been this, these precious teachings and the work I did that has created this strong foundation from which I can offer back what I have learned to the people of my home- Trinidad.

Om Tara

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  1. Many years ago I shared the experience of Kundalini classes in Ottawa with Tara. What a pleasure, Tara, to read about your work in Trinidad and your experience of the Dance.
    May The Light be with you always.
    Lindy Ranger

    Comment by Lindy Ranger — October 14, 2009 @ 6:40 am

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