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Blogging as Spiritual Practice: Next Steps for Lightwaves

August 26, 2009 by Cierra Dahlquist


Here is an update for our readers on the continuing evolution of Lightwaves. Find out how we are refining our sense of self and how our newly refined publishing process will provide readers, writers, and editors with greater opportunities for reflecting and making connections both within and without.


“Yoga is a path of evolution.”
Swami Radha

As many readers know, Lightwaves is managed by karma yogis associated with Yasodhara Ashram. Karma yoga means engaging in selfless service as a way of opening ourselves to our spiritual evolution. As we evolve, so does our karma yoga. Lightwaves began as an email newsletter. Since then it has gone through several incarnations: as a formatted web-style newsletter, a newsletter-style blog, and in 2009, as a full online blog.

And still we continue to evolve. Over the past few months, we have consciously tried to bring more quality into our work – more writers, higher quality multimedia offerings, and more reflective posts. Recently, we at Lightwaves have been making time to clarify our commitment to provide space – for our writers, our editors, our posts, and for the blog itself – to open and to evolve.

Our quest for clarity has involved meetings with Alicia Pace, former publisher of ascent magazine, to define our intentions, focus, purpose, and process, and to begin the work of finding and defining a distinctive voice for lightwaves. We brainstormed ideas to refine our concept of what makes a Lightwaves post: accessible, straightforward articles that help readers experience and connect with the teachings of Swami Radha and the evolution of Yasodhara Ashram.

The writing and publishing process at Lightwaves has always been a spiritual practice. To recognize this, we have begun to formally include opportunities for reflection and going deeper at every stage of the process. Each post will represent a collaborative effort between the writer and the editor, which evolves in a way that allows them both to experience a process of reflection, as each is inspired by the other’s creativity and questions. This process of reflection extends to the readers as well, as they are invited to reflect, to take action, and to share their own reflections as comments below each post.

We encourage everyone involved with Lightwaves – the writers, editors, and the readers – to consider your involvement a part of your spiritual practice. Reading, writing, or editing for Lightwaves is an opportunity to reflect and go deeper. We will be publishing new posts once or twice each week. You can access these posts as before by checking our website directly, signing up for our weekly digest, or subscribing to our RSS feed.

If you are interested in experiencing the process of writing for Lightwaves, please propose your idea to us by emailing lightwaves_editor@yasodhara.org. For more information, you can also click here for a PDF of our submission form.

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  1. Thank you for your commitment and intention.
    I feel continually connected through lightwaves and it is a blessing.

    Comment by palma — August 30, 2009 @ 8:39 am

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