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Quenching the Thirst of the Heart

August 4, 2009 by Eileen

Light & Vibration“It is as if Radha is sitting in a chair opposite me, calling me to become more aware.” Local author and former ascent columnist Eileen Pearkes spends some time with Swami Radha‘s book Light and Vibration, and offers a clear and heartfelt review.


Light & Vibration is a rich compilation of Swami Sivananda Radha‘s talks, thoughts and poems about Light. It is a slim and approachable volume that distills Radha’s many years of experience and reflection into a clear drop of fluid, one that quenches the thirst of a mind and heart.

I never knew Swami Radha, the woman who founded Yasodhara Ashram and formed the Ashram’s teachings as they are today. And yet, in Light & Vibration, I feel that I am being addressed personally: “What is the original mind?” she asks me. “What do we do with this beautiful mind that is basically colourless or contains all colour?”  It is as if Radha is sitting in a chair opposite me, calling me to become more aware.

The book’s editor, Swami Lalitananda, has organized Swami Radha’s many reflections on the energy of consciousness in a way that increases the simplicity and clarity of Swami Radha’s remarkable thought process. Woven throughout is the defining characteristic of Radha’s teaching. Hers is a positive, practical approach that can be applied to ordinary as well as extraordinary moments in one’s life. The Ashram, I sometimes say to friends, has taught me how to vacuum.

I recently re-read Light & Vibration on a plane journey to visit my son, who was in a troubled place and needed a mother’s support. Each time I have read the book, it has offered me a fresh gift, and this time was no different. “Can you actively cooperate with your evolution instead of leaving it to chance? Can you take matters into your own hands and direct your life?”

I stepped off the plane with these words vibrating in my mind, realizing that it was not necessary to speak them for my son to benefit. Vibration, Radha’s book reminds me, is an important aspect of consciousness.

I spent a week with my son, grateful again for the quenching, clear drop of fluid: Light & Vibration: Consciousness, Mysticism and the Culmination of Yoga.

Click Here to see Swami Lalitananda speak about the book Light and Vibration.

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