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Karma Yoga – Dedicating Yourself to the Divine

July 18, 2008 by Lightwaves

An inspiring transcription from the Swami Radha Archives on the subject of Karma Yoga

Lord Krishna said that we can fulfill ourselves in devotion by offering our work. And by offering the work to the Divine we will achieve purification and, eventually, the wisdom necessary to dedicate life to selfless service entirely.

If you make every job, whatever it is, a practice by dedicating it to the Most High, then you have much more benefit and I would say, as we talk here in North America of fast results, that is one way of getting faster results because it turns over a lot of your mind.  And where you always scheme to satisfy your self-importance, you learn in selfless service to do things without being praised. So service without self makes you Divine.

If you do your Hatha Yoga, your pranayama, your practice, your reflection, in other words a large portion of the time the mind dwells on the Divine in every one of your daily actions—whether you clean a room, a bathroom, wash potatoes, or whatever—if you keep yourself aware that you are the handmaiden of Divine Mother and all the work is done by Her through you, you would be quite surprised. There’s no such thing as being exhausted. If you think you struggle with fatigue, sit down for a moment, chant “Om Om,” and re-dedicate yourself.

Because you have to live, you have to act. You may as well act to the best of your ability, and dedicate as much action as possible in the most selfless manner to the purpose and glory of the Divine. If work is truly dedicated to the Most High, then it is service, it’s like worship. No particular ceremonies of worship are needed as long as it’s always dedicated. So, many blessings for selfless service.

Practice: Choose a job and make it a practice by dedicating it to the Most High.

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