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Divine Mother's Sacred Space

July 17, 2009 by Andrew Baerthel

Divine Mother Room OpeningThe Divine Mother Room is about to officially open! See a video that traces the evolution of the beach cabin and its restoration into the beautiful sacred space it has become, and read Satya’s reflection on the process. Swami Radha’s vision was held as a seed idea for many years. When the time was right it began to grow…”. Join us this weekend for celebrations to officially open the space. Call 1-800-661-8711 or visit our Summer Schedule for more details.



Finding the Hidden Treasures…


The sounds of “Om Tara Tuttare Ture Soha” accompanied by bodies gently swaying and hands clapping filled the Temple during Sunday satsang. A beautiful Tara has been gifted to the recently completed Divine Mother Prayer Room. She’s come to the Temple to be blessed by our chanting as she enters into Her new space.  A space that’s been created especially for Her.


After satsang Tara is carried back to the Prayer Room on the beach. For the next hour musicians and devotees stream down the path and fill the space, singing, chanting, whispering secrets into Her ear and receiving blessings.


The official opening of Divine Mother’s new prayer room is this weekend (scroll down our summer schedule or contact the Ashram for more information), but like every other part of this special project, I am reminded that Divine Mother acts in Her own time. There have been many phases to building the Divine Mother prayer room. It began as a vision. Swami Radha

described it as her ‘little temple in the woods,dedicated to the Divine Feminine.”


Swami Radha’s vision was held as a seed idea for many years. When the time was right it began to grow. Like any new seed it had its own timing.  I was often reminded of this, especially when I wanted to keep moving ahead on the project when there were other Ashram priorities. Divine Mother works in Her own time, She has the bigger vision and knows how it will all unfold.


That’s how this project has felt—like an unfolding. Ideas were generated at an AGM in 2006. The Ashram residents made decisions about the location and what we felt was important. The most important part for all of us was to keep the vibration that came from Swami Radha’s chanting and dedication. She had lived in the cabin during the early years of the Ashram. This didn’t mean making it into a museum….but what did it mean?


It meant transformation, the old and the new coming together. Like all of the spiritual work done at the Ashram, it has meant coming back to the foundation, opening up the space and restoring the beauty that was there all along. Finding the hidden treasures.


All of us at the Ashram invite you to come celebrate this special sacred space dedicated to the Divine Feminine – whisper secrets wishes into Her ear, receive Her blessings and find your hidden treasures.


Thank you to all who have contributed to the Divine Mother Prayer Room project through karma yoga, expertise, donations, prayers, drawings and encouragement.


Thank you Swami Radha!






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  1. Building on the treasures of the old to create a wonderful new sacred space,honouring Swami Radha’s vision and life itself. Thank you for sharing this inspirational video. Om Om Carol

    Comment by carol cattell — July 22, 2009 @ 2:54 am

  2. Good Morning When I first visited the Ashram in 1990 for the ten days of Yoga, I recall being so moved by the then prayer room\temple\(cabin attached) where we all gathered for SATSANGS. Once again I am moved by the revisioning and reconstructing building on a lineage that goes back 1000’s of years! I will be coming to the Ashram once again for Thanksgiving after an absence of four years! I eagerly look forward to this visit. Joanne\ Calgary

    Comment by Joanne Snyder — September 11, 2009 @ 11:21 am

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