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Mantras: The Yoga of Sound

June 18, 2008 by Lightwaves

Listen to a short talk by Swami Radha on the power of mantras, and join her in the chanting of OM.

As we enter summer officially with the solstice, OM, the most ancient of mantras, can be likened to the sun as it gives “birth to rays of Light, bringing illumination”.

As the mantra of cosmic vibration, OM or AUM represents in symbol/sound form an energy that is beyond all symbol and sound/form! If that boggles the mind, when chanting this mantra, the vibrational experience of OM opens up a meaning that is beyond reasoning. It is not really to be understood separate from its experience. As Swami Radha writes “In the chanting of OM, one empties oneself and is filled with an essence that is beyond description.”

“We find in all cultures that God has uncountable names. Each name has an inherent power because the name was created by the desire to make an immeasurable energy personal, to make it meaningful. The practicing Yogi or Yogini tries to pull all these names together into one sound, OM, which then takes on a specific characteristic and is called pranava. The personified name gives contact on a personal level with the Divine.”

AUM must be chanted in three parts, with equal time given to each part; Ah is chanted in the region of the navel, OO in the sternum, and MM in the throat.

Listen to Swami Radha’s words on mantra and then join her in a short practice of chanting AUM. The practice is about 9 minutes long so find yourself in a comfortable position, relaxed, and breathing calmly.

Swami Radha on the Mantra Aum:


Sound, in many forms, is explored during the Yoga of Soundretreat from July 11-13 or explore mantra in either the 10 Day Yoga Intensive May 6-16 or the Mantra, Meditation, and Silence retreat June 11-15

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