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Becoming Aware of our Choices

May 19, 2008 by Lightwaves

gordmargo.jpgIn February of this year, two YDC students discovered what it means to pay the price for our transportation choices.

When researching the ashram’s environmental footprint, Gord and Margo’s task was to calculate the carbon emissions of various means of travel to and from Yasodhara. Far from being a doom and gloom approach to the facts, their research clearly outlines the effects of our choices and provides us with ways to help offset some of our more environmentally unfriendly decisions.

The first step is discovering how many tonnes of CO2 our means of travel produces.


The next step is to take the initiative to offset our CO2 emissions with what are called carbon credits. Carbon credits are supplied by various vendors who invest in projects that remove or reduce CO2 from the atmosphere. For example, in Alberta the burning of coal produces much of the electricity resulting in significant C02 emissions. Investors can pool capital and replace the coal power plant with a wind turbine farm which produces almost zero C02 emissions. The amount of C02 emissions from the old coal plant that are now saved from entering the atmosphere by the creation of the wind turbine farm are called carbon credits.

These carbon credits are sold off in units of tonnes of C02 removed or prevented from entering the atmosphere. The money raised in the purchase of the carbon credits is used to recoup the costs (which sometimes include profit) of the conversion or capital investment project.

Carbon credits can be bought through us and we will purchase carbon credits for you. We will invest in Gold Standard energy efficiency projects administered by Planetair, a Canadian not-for-profit service who is the national supplier for myclimate, a Swiss supplier ranked among the top in the world for the reliability and quality of their CO2 credits (David Suzuki Foundation 2008). To purchase carbon credits with planetair go to http://www.planetair.ca/

Click here to read an article about Gord and Margo’s professional experience.

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