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The Divine Light Invocation

May 19, 2008 by Lightwaves

2.jpgA fundamental practice of Yasodhara Ashram The Divine Light Invocation, is a powerful and effective tool for change. This post gives instructions and origins of the practice.

Swami Radha received the Divine Light Invocation in a mystical meeting with Babaji in 1956, the same day she was initiated as a swami. Over the next forty years she taught the Invocation to everyone she met. She also wrote this manual for those whom she could not meet personally.

Swami Radha says that “Through constant and sincere practice of the Divine Light Invocation, you can come to a greater understanding of your own Divine nature and realize more fully the reality of the Higher Consciousness with in you.”

Instructions (click here for a printable version)

Stand erect, feet shoulder-width apart. Keep the eyes closed and focus them on the space between the eyebrows. Lift the arms above the head at the same time as you smoothly and gradually tense the whole body, while you inhale. The arms should be kept straight and the tension maintained throughout the body. Hold the tension and the breath.

Make the following affirmation to yourself, silently and with all the concentration possible:

I am created by Divine Light
I am sustained by Divine Light
I am protected by Divine Light
I am surrounded by Divine Light
I am ever growing into Divine Light.

1.jpgSlowly lower the arms as you exhale and relax.
Keep the eyes closed and use your imagination to see yourself standing in a shower of brilliant white Light. See the Light pouring down upon you, flowing into the body through the top of the head, filling your entire being.
Now, without raising the arms, keeping them at your side, tense the body and inhale. Hold the tension and the breath. Mentally repeat the Invocation:

I am created by Divine Light
I am sustained by Divine Light
I am protected by Divine Light
I am surrounded by Divine Light
I am ever growing into Divine Light.

Slowly exhale and relax. With the arms beside the body, concentrate on feeling a warm glow of Light suffuse your entire body, outside as well as inside.

Acknowledge silently to yourself: Every cell of this, my physical body, is filled with Divine Light. Every level of consciousness is illumined with Divine Light. Divine Light penetrates every single cell of my being every level of consciousness. I have become a channel of pure Light. I am one with the Light.

The Divine Light Invocation is an exercise of will as well as an act of surrender. Be receptive to the Light and accept that you are now a channel of Divine Light. Express your gratitude with deep feeling. Have the desire to share this gift with someone who you wish to help. Turn your palms forward.

You can now share the Divine Light with any friend or relative. Keep the eyes closed and visualize him or her standing before you. Mentally open the doors of your heart center and let the Light stream forth towards the feet of this person. See the Light encircling the person and spiraling upwards in a clockwise direction, enveloping the body completely. See the spiral moving high up into the sky, taking his or her image along with it. Finally the person merges into the source of the Light and becomes one with the Light.

You may even lift your head to follow the spiral of Light, keeping the eyes closed. When the person has passed from your view, relax and silently give thanks for having the opportunity to help someone in need.
Remember, in helping others we are also helping ourselves.

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