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Saraswati Manifest: Rivers of creativity

May 19, 2008 by Lightwaves

1_saraswati.jpgThe Saraswati River of India no longer exists. The goddess Saraswati, however, is alive and well in all of us. Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, speech, art and music.

This continuing section of Lightwaves is an invitation to your creativity.What creative rivers are flowing through you? We’d love to post your creative endeavors. Share your creations below in the comments box.



May Spring and Lightness come into being, –

Wet grass and harr this morning, –

While I long to share, –

share my beauty, –

longing to go home, –

captured in a moment of the miracle of being alive, –

and captured in the suffering of existence, –

I long to express my Love, –

be it through Yoga, Dance, Music, Painting, –

how do I share this essence of being alone with others, –

What is it that wants to speak beyond everyday words ? –

What is it that wants to dance ? –

What is it that wants to paint ? –

What is it that wants to play sitar ? –

Why I long to hear something that brings me home.

Bekki Soos


Life force tightly packed

mineral mother earth embracing

moist, then

softening shell


surface penetrated

Tender tip scanning for Light


No confusion, purpose is clear & direction understood

First leaves unfold like wings from a cocoon

Open to the source


A cool breeze wisps from the North

Then, raindrops plop nearby

And here frightening thunder of footsteps

Exposure – discomfort

First hours – newness

Going slow – upward


I know this feeling

James Gates


In the hour of darkness

It is her

What’s dark is Light

What’s Light is dark

It’s all the same

She gives pain to know a battle is on

She gives darkness to say

You’ve been thinking it all wrong

Compassion in truth

Sword slices the ego

Light fills up the wound

And a healing begins

Surrender again

And then fight some more

It’s bound to happen

It’s all the same

Tiny ant, tragic wind storm, words of fierce power,

It’s all the same

Accepting life’s goal is not happiness

I come full circle

Acting the same as always

Feeling completely different

Removing the maya

Layer by layer

Inside meets out

And to my surprise

The world embraces…

Or shuns

It’s all the same.

Nina Maloney

Divine Mother of Cherry Blossom Pink

She whispered on an April morning, go listen to the birds by the lake.

I will go, but first where is my fuzzy pink scarf….for heaven’s sake.

Crows caw on a cherry blossom tree, petals of pink fall upon my cheek.

A girl sings as she plays in the sand, pink boots with red hearts on her feet.

A dog set free by the shore dances unleashed moments running here and there.

Her face made pink by sun, the patient mother runs her hand through her hair.

I put pink blossoms into a zip lock bag, an elderly man in a wheel chair stopped.

What is your purpose, he asked, as more blossoms dropped.

To dance in the sand and set myself free, to sing in my heart all will be fine.

To blossom and deepen my purpose in this mysterious life of mine.

To remember her truth, light and nourishment will be there to guide.

To know when pink blossoms fade and turn white she will be by my side.

Madeleine Duff



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