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10 Days of Yoga – A gift that awaits you

April 19, 2008 by Lightwaves

kym_1.jpgKym Preston reflects on ten inspired 10 Days of Yoga and finding the Divine in her heart.

There is a gift here at Yasodhara Ashram that awaits you. The gift is different for everyone, and it is exactly perfect for everyone. I first came to the ashram in 2000 to attend Life Seals, what I thought was going to be a self-development course. It was a self-development course but it was also so much more. I had to find out more; if I could have managed it I would have signed up for the three month Yoga Development Course right then and there. Some of the other students did, but for me that was not possible in my life then. Instead, I decided to take the Ten Days of Yoga course the following summer.

In hindsight the courses are a particular kind of self-development – development of my Higher Self. I didn’t really know if there was a God or not, I was just one very-tired, over-whelmed working 42 year old mother who knew I needed some help in my life. At the ashram I had a spiritual awakening (yes, I know this sounds cliché) that changed my life! I felt God inside my heart and felt great love and appreciation for everyone and myself in my life, and recognized the Divine within all. That was my gift but you will have to come and open your present and see what your gift is.

To me the ashram is Heaven. It sits on the banks of Kootenay Lake, in a beautiful natural setting, surrounded by forests, orchards and gardens. We park our cars and walk everywhere. So other than the farm and service vehicles there are no cars. At night there is an amazing silence and the stars are so bright that they dazzle. There is a beautiful ceremony in the temple every night called “Satsang”. The food is amazing, mostly vegetarian and organic; some of it grown at the ashram.

The many practices taught during the Ten Days of Yoga have enriched my life. The Divine Light Invocation is a standing meditation that I do every day. It helps me to connect with my Higher Self within and is also a prayer for people in my life whom I wish to help. It is a much more effective use of my energy than worrying. It only takes a couple of minutes, sometimes more if I have more people that I want to help.

10day.jpgMantra (chanting) is another practice that takes me out of my troubles with life-giving breath, beautiful notes, and magical words. It takes me to a different place, a very calm loving place. I see things from a different perspective; I see things more clearly. It seems to lift things out of that very emotional place and lift them up so that I can also see them with my heart. My speech and actions follow which is much better for everyone involved, especially my teenage daughter!!!

Other practices introduced to me during the Ten Days of Yoga course that have helped me in my life include: Hidden Language hatha yoga, the Kundalini (chakra) system, dream yoga, sacred dance, karma yoga, reflection and journaling. I am far from perfect and still lose my temper with my daughter and get stressed out at work, but not as often now. I often think about what I was like before I found the teachings and how much richer my life is now.

I am so very grateful to have found these teachings and think of Yasodhara Ashram as my spiritual home. And now after 7 1/2 years I am finally living my dream and have recently graduated from the 3 month Yoga Development course and Hatha Teacher Training. I turn 50 years old this year and what a gift to myself to become a 50 year old yoga teacher. And guess what??? There are many gifts for me to open every day!!!

With gratitude for the teachings of Swami Radha and the men and women at Yasodhara Ashram and centres of Light who have dedicated their lives to offer these teachings.

Click to learn more about the Ten Days of Yoga in May 8 —18,

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