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The Earth Calls to Wake-up

April 19, 2008 by Lightwaves

mo_2.jpgMaureen Wetsch reflects on the process of waking up the garden after a winter inside.

I spent 4 months huddled inside in the depths of my winter den, the office. While the projects were varied, they all required that I sit in a chair in front of a computer. While seated chair twists as well as filling my body with Light helped sustain me, four months later something else was stirring. It was restless and wanted out. The snow has melted, mornings are getting lighter and birds are starting to sing. I caught a glimpse of one of spring’s first arrivals, the Robin. This was a sign that earthworms were lurking and that the garden has awoken.

For myself, it takes a bit of poking and prodding, a little breakfast, even a splash of cold water before I fully awaken from a long, deep slumber. The garden is no different. The work begins with raking mulch off the beds, tilling the soil, and replenishing the aisles with fresh straw. Poking and prodding the soil with rakes and shovels, breaking open the thin crust of soil to expose the dark earth for seeds. The work shifts to become evermore vigorous; collecting wheel barrow after wheelbarrow of compost and manure, one shovel full after another, one row at a time, reciting mantra in my mind as I offer the earth Her springtime breakfast.

mo_1.jpgThe work has physical demands to it and after four months of hibernation, I too need to nurture my own body and ensure that she doesn’t get lost or trampled on in all my enthusiasm to be outside. Everyday a group of us come out to work and everyday the transition to waking up becomes evident. The straw in every row faded from sitting under snow is replenished and now radiates a golden glow. It speaks ‘Renewal’. The soil once a matted gray, is now a full dark brown and speaks ‘Replenished.’ The garden herself, once covered and asleep is now exposed and nourished and she speaks “I am Ready”.

The process of waking up the garden is parallel to my own experience with transitioning from the inside out. Old mechanical patterns of my mind were exposed and ploughed over. An increased amount of exposure to the sun “Light” and songbird ‘Mantras” is the breakfast that nourishes the soil of my mind. Now, I too am ready to plant the seeds of Light. There is hard work involved with awakening ourselves. It requires raking, digging and shoveling concepts. The soil of a dormant mind becomes hard and infertile – a recipe for the drought of mechanical thinking. It is through this work of churning the soil that I awaken myself to new possibilities of growth and expansion. When we work together and support each other in our work, a natural transition unfolds from a state of sleep – to awake and alive!

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  1. My daughter, Maureen, has a wonderful talent for creative writing! I enjoyed the article!

    Comment by June Wetsch — April 29, 2008 @ 12:42 pm

  2. Hi Maureen,
    I like your analogy and story about renewal; it goes well with the book I am reading: Eat Pray Love.
    Best to you and keep on writing!

    Comment by Julie Salembier — May 3, 2008 @ 12:51 pm

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