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Saraswati Manifest: Echoes and planting seeds

April 19, 2008 by Lightwaves

saraswati_1.jpgIn this new addition to Lightwaves, we invite your creativity.

The Saraswati river of India no longer exists. The goddess Saraswati, however, is alive and well in all of us. Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, speech, art and music. The Ashram’s teachings are part of the Saraswati lineage and a main focus of the teachings is to make all of what we do in life, an offering.
Saraswati Manifest is a new addition to Lightwaves and will be appearing monthly starting this month. Here is a place where you can bring forward your poetry and artistic connection to the Divine as an offering to be shared with other Lightwaves readers and participants.

What creative rivers are flowing through you? We’d love to post your creative endeavors. Send your contributions to lightwaves_editor@yasodhara.org

How does Divine Mother manifest in your life? Where has she shown up and inspired you? What words has Saraswati planted as seeds in your being? Vanessa Fisher and Nikki Blatchford have started us off, offering examples of their experience with the Divine, in poetic form.

Echoes of my Lineage – Vanessa Fischer – November 26 2007

I see my Mother dancing through skies of ebony

Above me, Her body becomes enshrined by an alter of naked light
thrown forth from a reflection of the moon.
The stars become her sacred adornment
draped from galaxy to galaxy
a testament to Love’s fullness in space.

I watch my Mother as She joyfully tumbles through the ocean waves before me
crowned high priestess by the Sun
who casts down warm glistening halos to the water below.
Bursts of bubbling white froth spill forth across the sand
cascading across Her feet like the delicate ruffles of a dress.
They follow Her as She steps back and forth from the shore
disappearing and re-appearing in rhythm with the ocean’s breath.

I feel my Mother held in the vibrations of the mountains
wise women, of all ages
who once sang out to me
who once suffered unbearably for Love.

I touch my hand to the cold stone
and I feel my Mother’s mantra reach past my skin
carving itself in untitled poems across my bone.
It is Her pain that reminds me why I pray
Her beauty that reminds me why I want to stay.

These are the echoes of my lineage.
Faint whispers
now melting into righteous roars
as my body begins to speak in tongues
and this speech becomes sacred text
written on the face of my palms and spoken in silent mudras.
Conveying back to the world
this one message from the Mother

That we are only this Love
This Love that finds no beginning or ending in Her.

Spiritual Marsupial – by Nicki Blatchford – April 2008

Moonbeams of a half-moon
Gazing at a starlit sky
From Yasodhara grounds
I am fixated by Divine Mother’s
Night light – the dispeller of darkness.
In the heavens
How many human souls have sought up
To you, searching and longing
The spiritual aspirant
Created half human, half Divine
Seeking to develop in your pouch of Love
Sustained by the milk of your divine wisdom
Protected from self-created suffering
Surrounded by the sweet solace
Of your compassionate embrace
From your moonlight
The lotus in our hearts bloom a new.

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  1. Beautiful words, powerful and so divine. Namaste, Maria

    Comment by Maria Notarangelo — April 11, 2010 @ 1:45 pm

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