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Transitioning into change and Light

April 19, 2008 by Lightwaves

transition_11.jpgSwami Radha says, “We are constantly moving towards Light. In this post Swami Radha discusses transitions and the power of focusing on finding the Light in understanding as a means of moving forward.

Looking back on past transitions can be a helpful way to note what we have learned and what the light of understanding has manifested. When we reflect on changes and how we have responded to them there can be the realization that the difficulties arose from our own mind. Expectations, likes and dislikes and willingness or unwillingness to surrender to what is, can all affect how smoothly a transition goes.

transition_3.jpgThe responsibility comes in taking time to reflect and seeking the light in everything we do. On seeking the Light, Swami Radha says, “You may have many times to come back to learn the lessons that you have not learned, from your original starting point. Think back. This is what I call one of the most important exercises, daily reflection. You write those things down in your daily diary and you learn in this way, from your book of life. [Then] you will learn to discriminate.” Change happens, this we can’t control, but we do have the power to choose to be responsible in asking ourselves daily, “What have I learned today?”

transition_2.jpgA main foundation for Swami Radha’s teachings and for keeping focused on the Light, is the Divine Light Invocation. A standing meditation, the Divine Light Invocation is portable, takes only a few minutes and is a powerful way to stay focused and connected. According to Swami Radha the imagination is a place where we can make decisions as to what will happen in our lives and how we will respond to situations that arise.

One of the lines of the Divine Light Mantra ‘I am ever growing into Divine Light’ is the power of suggestion. Swami Radha asks, “Where can you see the power of suggestion in your life? Imitating your father, imitating your mother, imitating your aunt, your sister, your schoolteacher, imitating something that you have seen on T.V. Suggesting I can’t do it. I’m so weak. I’m too old, and all those things. “

The Divine Light Mantra

I am created by Divine Light

I am sustained by Divine Light

I am protected by Divine Light

I am surrounded by Divine Light

I am ever growing into Divine Light

When moving towards an upcoming transition, how do you imagine future events? Do you see yourself as happy, healthy and whole? Do you imagine life coming together easily and in a supportive way? Or do you worry that nothing will work out? That you aren’t ready for the future? The choice is yours. All of life’s future events begin in the imagination.

Building trust in oneself through life’s small transitions offers support when big changes take place. Change is inevitable and we have the choice about how we respond to it. By embracing change and transition all of the gifts and learning’s can come more easily.

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  1. I came across this article today and it was just the right thing at the right time for me. I wonder is there a way to share these articles? to email them to our group here in Williams Lake?
    In the Light
    Jo Ann Hamm

    Comment by Jo Ann Hamm — April 8, 2010 @ 10:45 am

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