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Teen Retreat '09 – 'What's Life All About?'

June 16, 2009 by James


“I was like! and you know! you should just do it!” Every summer the Ashram welcomes a group of teens to spend some time away from home and explore the world of yoga. They take back with them learning tools to help them deal with the unique issues they face.  Come and join us for this year’s teen retreat, June 28th through July 2nd!   The teens have workshops and participate in karma yoga as well as having lots of time for relaxation just as if they were on one of the regular retreats at the ashram.  Everyone welcomes them into the community and shares with them in their growth and learning.

The program is devised each year by YDC (Yoga Development Course) graduates, most of whom are participating on the Young Adult Program and some of whom are interns. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to share with the teens what we have learned and to enjoy the energy they bring!  I remember last year teaching workshops on Indian dance and supporting the group as they prepared to offer satsang in the temple on their last evening.  The teens really learned to cooperate as a group and bring forward their potential.  The group’s satsang was a beautiful and open occasion enjoyed by everyone.  Other workshops included dreams, mantra, hatha yoga and the Divine Light Invocation.  There were daily karma yoga projects allowing the teens time to connect with the rest of the community.  There were also plenty of opportunities to swim in the lake, participate in creative projects and explore the grounds.

~ James Ward

Below are some comments from previous teen retreat participants. 05_crs_TeenProgram_12


My experiences at the ashram teen program have been wonderful. Although I have not been for three years, I still remember a lot about the teen program. I remember us going on a hike up the mountain and we found a peaceful spot to chant and meditate. While we were meditating we were sitting in deep silence and I was thinking about the beautiful day as a mouse crawled on my hand as soon as we were done meditation i opened my eyes and the mouse was still there and everyone looked at me… I felt like it was a communication with god and one of the best experiences I have been through at the ashram teen program.

My experiences with the teen program through the past few years have been amazing. I have been able to understand myself on a much more profound level. When I am at Yashodhara Ashram I feel at home, and this makes every experience I have there more comfortable. My experiences with the Teen Program have taught me to be a better person, and to enter into situations with a positive attitude. I love going to the ashram every year.


I thought the yoga part was so cool and I really felt something change in my mind and body with the DLI (Divine Light Invocation)

I really enjoyed being able to get outside of all the things happening in my life. I didn’t realize how much I was being stressed out by life until I was shown yoga poses. My mind totally calmed down and I  felt much more laid back, much more comfortable in my own shoes.

My favorite part was Om-ing in nature – there are so many trees, mountains and the best part is the beach. It was interesting – after 15 minutes of chanting I felt like I was in another space… so cool!

Being outside, singing, exploring the scenery and meeting really cool people.

In the teen program we did some workshops on dreams and my dream was about a snake that wrapped around my neck. I never realized that my dreams could be messages for me in my everyday life and that there are symbols I can look at.

I was like! and you know! you should just do it!


Space is still available –click here for more information or to register for the Teen Program.

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  1. nice article James, i can’t wait to see everyone. I’m counting down 10 more days.

    Comment by Hunish — June 16, 2009 @ 2:12 pm

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