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The Path of Kundalini

June 10, 2009 by Andrew Baerthel

An audio album of satsangs led by Swami Radhananda in the Temple of Divine Light

There’s something beyond our mind too. We have to keep lifting everything that we know up to make it realized for ourselves. We never just want to stay stuck, we want to keep that going.” In this video Swami Radhananda concludes a satsang talk exploring the Kundalini System given on May 17th. (Click here to view the first part of this talk from last week’s post “Preparing the Ground”).  Also – announcing a new CD from Timeless…

An audio collection of six satsang talks given by Swami Radhananda is now available for digital download through several online vendors! To purchase the album, you may access any of the following links: iTunes, AmazonLala Napster, eMusic or Rhapsody; it will be available through the Ashram bookstore as well in the near future. As part of our publishing plan, this title and many more Timeless items will become available through our emerging Print-On-Demand service. For more information on all of our newest forays into the world of Print-On-Demand and online publishing, see the post New Life In Timeless.

As part of our initiative to increase the compatibility and accessibility of our content, we have formatted this video to a widescreen aspect ratio that is friendly to most mobile devices and widescreen computer monitors. If you would like to donate to the Yasodhara Ashram Society Click Here.

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  1. I found the Swami Radhananda’s satsang talk on the Kundalini System wonderful and it exceeded the exploration for this part of the ten day course given last summer. Thank you for helping me to a new level of wisdom, so much was brought to the topic in a total of 15 minutes. The Kundalini System was unknown to me and the exploration last summer too vague. I believe I would have gained so much more from these thoughts had they been incorporated into the lesson.
    Kindly for your consideration,

    Comment by Stella Chester — June 24, 2009 @ 3:03 pm

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