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Karma Yoga – Work as Worship

March 21, 2008 by Lightwaves

kyoga_1.jpgYasodhara Ashram is celebrating its 45th anniversary with karma yoga. Throughout the year, we’ll be offering you articles from Swami Radha’s talks on this practical and expansive practice.

Lord Krishna has this to say, “They can fulfill themselves in devotion in offering their work. And by offering the work to the Divine they will achieve purification. And eventually the wisdom that is necessary to dedicate life to selfless service entirely will come.”

When I was totally down-hearted I would say, “My God, why?” I addressed my question to Divine kyoga_2.jpgMother, because by that time I had followed many of Gurudev’s (Swami Sivananda) instructions because I had nothing else to turn to. That isolation, that total rejection from people, is your greatest opportunity because it forces you to turn to the Divine. There is no other place to go! If you have an-other place to go, you won’t make that effort.

Keep that in mind. If you have that degree of awareness that you turn your full awareness to Divine Mother, and you experience Her, there is nothing that can replace it. You have made a contact that is in-de-structible. You may not be able to whistle and have the Divine Presence here when you like it but when you are in that need again, then it takes place.

There is a story that a swami from the Ramakrishna Order by the name Brahmananda had written. He said, “Never encounter Brahman first. Go to Divine Mother, “Without first go-ing to Divine kyoga_3.jpgMother, Brahman, the highest atman, is not possible.” In other words, you have to accept life as a whole, without judgment—that’s the way it is, and there’s a purpose for everybody, and there’s a place for everybody. Even if we think very often it is unjust, it might not be. It is not easy for us to have that complete knowledge.

Selfless-service is mainly directed toward Divine Mother because this is where life is. That’s the manifestation. The whole earth is Divine Mother. If you now personalize and concretize this, that is up to you. And if you find it easier then you can be anything. You can be her servant, you can be her child, you can be her nurse or whatever you want to do. It would be greatly accepted if it comes from the heart. And you will be greatly rewarded. Not perhaps when you want it. You can’t say, I want it now. You will not get it in your own time.

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