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Lightwaves Update

June 2, 2009 by claire

RSS iconDue to feedback from our readership, we at Lightwaves have decided to change the frequency of our email updates.  To those of you who have been receiving the Lightwaves Daily Digest email, we will now be sending a weekly compilation of posts. (You don’t have to do anything – you will automatically be switched over.) We will still be posting new items on a regular basis – if you prefer to receive a per-post notification, we invite you to use our RSS feed.  If you don’t know about RSS feeds and would like to, please read on. We welcome your feedback on this decision as well as  any other  suggestions on how to make Lightwaves more accessible to our community.

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a simple way to stay connected to a website. It has been around for a little while now and it’s not really something new, it simply a different way of distributing information. These days most popular news sites have an RSS feed. To know if a site has an RSS feed you can look for these symbols in the site, or on the address bar on top:



To give an example, RSS feeds are like a normal web pages without any formatting or images, just the text. So RSS is the content of a web page without the formatting.

So why would you want to read an RSS feed instead of visiting a web page? Well, this is for you to decide, some people still prefer to visit a web page on a regular basis instead of receiving RSS.

So what are the advantages of reading RSS instead of visiting a web page?

Well, first the RSS is delivered to you so you don’t have to visit a web site. It’s like receiving the newspaper at home instead of going downtown to buy your latest edition of the newspaper.

Since it’s only the content that is delivered, you can then receive it in any format you want. You can receive RSS feeds in your e-mail, in your cell phone, on your iPhone or PDA and it will be formatted the way you want it.

Great! How do I get started?

You can add RSS in your email or you can also  use a ‘client’ which works like a email program but only reads RSS. The following is the basic set up for popular email software.

Add an RSS Feed in Thunderbird

1. Choose Tools > account settings 
2. Click on Add Account button on lower left 
3. Select RSS News & Blogs 
4. Click Next 
5. Enter the name the new account (I.e., RSS Feeds) 
6. Click Next 
7. Click Finish 
8. Click OK 
9. On the left menu, click on the name you chose (I.e., RSS Feeds) 
10. Click on Manage subscriptions 
11. Click on Add button 
12. Paste in address of feed: I.e., feed://www.yasodhara.org/lightwaves/?feed=rss2
13. Choose Show the article summary instead of loading the web page 
14. Click OK 
15. Close the window

Add an RSS Feed to Google (gmail account)

1. Log into your Gmail account 
2. Click on Reader 
3. Click on Add subscription 
4. Paste in http://www.yasodhara.org/lightwaves/?feed=rss2
5. Click on Add button 
6. You should see a title “OmniUpdate Newsletter”

Add an RSS Feed to Mail (mac)

1. Open Mail
2. Click on File
3. Click on Add a Rss Feed 
4. Paste in feed://www.yasodhara.org/lightwaves/?feed=rss2
5. Click on Add button 
6. You can also check the Show in Inbox, to see the RSS in your inbox

Here is a short video explaning the basis of the RSS feed.

To learn more about the RSS feed take a look at the links below.
Beginner RSS Resources

Educational RSS Articles
RSS Syndication

General RSS Resources 
RSS Tools
RSS Specifications
FaganFinder RSS
Click here for the Wikipedia definition of RSS 
Click here for the About.com definition of RSS
Click here for Google’s list of RSS Readers

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  1. I just tried to set up the RSS. The first time I left ‘Feed’ out of the address and from the set up failed. Be sure to include the whole address: feed://www.yasodhara.org/lightwaves/?feed=rss2

    Hari Om

    Comment by Janet Gaston — June 4, 2009 @ 12:36 pm

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