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Karma Yoga as a teaching exchange

February 20, 2008 by Lightwaves

dp_4.jpgLightwaves spoke with long time teacher and devotee of Swami Radha, Dorlean Peck, at the end of her recent Ashram experience.

“Being a teacher of Swami Radha’s work means staying connected with the Ashram and keeping current with teachings,” says Dorlean Peck, a long-term devotee and teacher of Swami Radha’s work.

Dorlean recently spent 3 weeks at the Ashram offering her skills and service in whatever way was needed. She taught classes for the Yoga Development Course, worked in the kitchen, led accommodations crews, organized a sewing project and like everybody else, did her share of dishes. She said this experience showed her a new found confidence and she recognized that she doesn’t have to have any specific skills to offer. Knowing the teachings and how to respond to the needs and rhythm of the Ashram is a skill in itself.

The best part about teachers coming back to the Ashram is the mutual benefit from it. The teacher receives the boost from being here and the Ashram receives the knowledge and help that person brings. Dorlean said, “Returning to the Ashram to do karma yoga is one way experienced teachers can give back for all they have been given.”

Dorlean lives and teaches in Naniamo British Columbia where over the last few years the classes she teaches have evolved from small intimate groups in her home to larger classes in public spaces.

“It’s hard to know what has contributed to feeling more confident but I think it has something to do with more people getting exposed to Swami Radha’s teachings. It’s a good sign.”

Dorlean started taking dream classes in 1981 in Victoria with a teacher from the Ashram and soon after found the Victoria Radha House. She took the Yoga Teachers Course (the previous name of the Yoga Development Course) in 1987 and trained to teach Hidden Language Hatha Yoga in 1991. She opened the Nanaimo Radha Centre out of her home in 1996 and has been in Nanaimo ever since offering classes and keeping her connection alive.

A lot has been coming together for Dorlean over the past few years and one of those things is her long-term interest in sewing.

“I was feeling there was something in me that was needing to be expressed and it’s such a pleasure to make something beautiful that I know other’s will appreciate. It gives me pleasure knowing I have this to offer.”

She has been stitching together altar cloths and tea cozies and feels that some of her strength comes form honouring this creative impulse. Indeed, a lot seemed to come together for Dorlean during recent experience at the Ashram.

For information on classes in Nanaimo, click here

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