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New Life in Timeless

June 9, 2009 by Gef Tremblay

ItouchTimeless has been busy lately! We’ve been keeping things quiet during this first phase as it’s been highly experimental, but since we are getting some good results we figured that now is the time to start spreading the good news!

So what is happening with Timeless? Well, we are in the process of simplifying our traditional way of publishing books and other media, while also expanding it into the digital era. What that means is that we are exploring online ways of distributing content such as e-books and digital mp3 downloads, and also simplifying the printing and distributing of our books and CD’s to move into ‘print on demand’ distribution.

What is print on demand anyway?

Simply put, the book or the cd is printed when ordered. There is no stock to manage, and we deal with one company that does all the selling, the printing and the shipping. To give an example, let’s compare the traditional way of publishing with the print on demand way.


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Traditionally, we would need a minimum order to publish a new book – 1000, 2000 or more. We would need to make sure the book is in its final form when we print it. We would then order this large number of books, and we would need to store it here at the Ashram or in Spokane, send some to our distributors, manage how many we have in stock, how many we send here and there, how much profit we make on these books, fulfill orders online, and make sure we don’t run out of stock. And if we do, we have to go through the same process. This was a long, heavy process that required a lot of work for not much of a profit, but the benefit has been that the Teachings are in circulation.

With the print on demand, you or me, or anyone really, can go to the online distributor, upload the book content and cover and… hit publish. What happens then is that your book is published throughout the world. The publish on demand company takes care of the printing, shipping, and distribution, and deposits the payment directly into your bank account. You still can buy it in bulk to receive a publisher’s discount, for traditional marketing, and to send it to bookstores and resellers. Print on demand companies also deal directly with traditional distributors and national bookstores.

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Great! Where are we with the development now?

We have just received our first print on demand book – Light and Vibration! It was mostly a proof of concept, meaning we were simply testing the waters of this new way of publishing. So far so good. We have sent 2 other titles to Lulu, the company we are experimenting with for print on demand. We haven’t created anything yet for CD print on demand service with but we are almost there.

What about online distribution of digital content?

On that side we have been quite active. With Lightwaves publishing on a more regular basis and the introduction of higher quality video files, we are also moving into podcasting. Online distribution includes audio CDs as well as talks, audio books, e-books (which will be available for kindles, sony e-books, ipod touch and iphone), videos and movies.

On the audio side of things, three of Swami Radha’s talks have been digitally remastered and edited: ‘Fulfillment’, ‘Liberation’ and ‘Divine In Our Image’. These titles and more will all be available in the bookstore, on iTunes and CD print-on-demand through Amazon in the near future. This is the goal for all of our titles such as ‘The Divine Light Invocation’, ‘Hari Om Mantra’ and ‘Mantras: Songs of Yoga’.

An audio album of six satsang talks given by Swami Radhananda has been completed and is available online.  All of these efforts are part of a larger commitment to allowing our content to become both more sustainable and accessible.

So, what is available now and where can it be found?

‘Fulfillment’, ‘Liberation’ and ‘The Divine Light Invocation’ by Swami Radha may be purchased and downloaded digitally by clicking here. All tracks are $0.99 and $9.99 for an entire album. These same albums are also available on Amazon for digital download at $0.89 per track and a variable album price. They can be found by clicking here.

Swami Radhananda’s audio album of satsang talks can also be purchased as a digital download on iTunes by clicking here and on Amazon by clicking here.

Stay posted for more on Print on Demand and podcasting, as well as more titles being made available online.

You can also find us in these popular and also less popular sites: Napster, Rhapsody, eMusic, and Lala. They all have varying pricing structures and regions. Our titles are classified differently on each site and we are very much experimenting with which vendors we will continue to work with.

Our next steps are to keep working with titles that are low in stock so that we can continue offering them; as well as a continued exploration of audio books, e-books and movies. We hope that by the end of this summer most of the Timeless titles will be offered online as well through a print on demand service.

We will keep the community updated on a regular basis on the process and progress of these explorations!

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  1. Exciting developments! Thanks for the update. It’s amazing to see Timeless and Swami Radha’s teachings move into the 21st century.

    Comment by roseanne — June 11, 2009 @ 9:16 am

  2. Yes it’s great to see this happening and to see that a team has been created here by divine appointment ! When it happen without tension it seems to indicate that it is going in the right direction!

    I’ll be writing an article soon about all this marketing and karma yoga that I learned trough ascent and working for the ashram.

    Comment by geoffroy — June 13, 2009 @ 4:53 pm

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