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Kundalini Poetry

June 4, 2009 by Lightwaves

Picture taken by Swami Radhananda

Poetry is one way to explore the Kundalini System. During this last week, Karma Yoginis reflected using this medium  Here is a collection of poems from the Thursday night class.

Love moves.
there is stillness in the space above and
things are running caught below 
but the Heart is an engine.
It’s like the difference between weight lifting 
and dancing but
the Heart lifts weight.
How can I say this?
I’ve just seen how Love can
leave for a bit but then return fresh
and when it does that 
it sheds such a warmth that
all these things become like dandelions turning to seed in the summer.
Suddenly insubstantial then
Guilt, should and should-not, all forms of 
Heaviness. Confusion, the whole
hamster wheel of it.
I catch it – 
they’re tricks of Light.
Each time She is saying:
See how you’re held?
Lean into me a little more.

Claire Gillmore

The Celestial wishing tree

The gateway to a new world beckons
Tiny, delicate and precious
Inside I know I will find everything I need

Simply there
Ready to unfold
One step at a time

I respond by taking the first step
Perfect for this moment

Terri Taylor

A compass within a compass
pointing the path to love
finding right action
eliminating suffering

my path lies in line with her path
contained within her whole
holding it flat in front of me
trusting that its guide holds true

as long as the compass beats
within the beat of her compass
the path will be clear
each small decision
held in the context of the larger quest
every choice, every decision, 
leading to truth.

Rebecca Dale


Picture taken by Swami Radhananda

I see familiar feelings arise at my lack of awareness
what have I learned to stop the mental violence 
A clue
Where does the moment of realization come from?
Who is in charge of the timing?
I approach the board
My mind is preparing, my breath is held
flicker bird knocks on the walls
saying wake up and listen
I do and go to hatha
my heart is happy
it feels content to just beat



I have set up my camp in my heart
Small tent
Close to the fire 
Here I can curl up
Listen to the sounds of the night
See the sparks fly
Sing my songs 
Roast marshmelows dripping with Devotion
Dance the drum beat
of my heart
My home in the back country

Tonight I walk with my ears
I notice the urge to share my experiences 
Where is it coming from?
Ego or heart? ego or heart?
I flitter, I watch I speak only what matters
The bliss of my tongue held
Watching, waiting, listening

Erin Christie

Into the unknown I go feeling




And where is this unknown place;

In my mind?

Or is it a physical place?

No clear path –

move step by step.

Time for worship

Time for myself

Time to search.


Kate Anderson


Picture taken by Swami Radhananda

In the White Mundir relaxed is my mind
Away from outside commotion and conversation
In the wondering moment time is scarce I notice
Away from the beach I walk melancholy
In the White Mundir alone detached and consumed in mantra
Suddenly an unfamiliar voice at random moments
Shaken I am out of the sixth chakra so swiftly

In the calmness of Rudhra
My white hair exposes wisdom she says
On the earth, the garden is rough, it compromises
Seeds transform and baby green emerges
Under the sun, dehydration, need for nourishment
I’m humbled in an explosion of art that will not sleep

Darishma Parmar

Lakshmi Blossom

Sitting in the bud of the lotus of wisdom
Patiently observing who the petal unfold
To reveal my passionate heart
Live on earth with the Divine quality
Balancing the daily spiritual life
Embracing my power
Releasing my fears

Melina Cinq-Mars

Crane…or Crane?

Are you soaring free above mountains and valleys, oh crane,

Dancing on thermals as you journey to your summer home?

I’m practicing your patience, coming into today’s current,

Lifting into balance and supporting my own weight,

Unlike mechanical cranes grounded in cityscapes,

I’m considering options for coming and going

From Creekside to Yasodhara’s mountains

With birds of a feather flocking together

A True Self is revealed that flies,

Liberated and capable of

Coming Home

Om Om

Ode to Gauri Sitting on her Bones

With intention for peace, there’s

Value in waiting, an

Opportunity to adapt to another world.

Red vowels and soft growls

Connecting to passion – Aargh!

Awareness in action

Words of reality, words of illusion

A trying out day, but calm in the centre

Reversing the triangle, action in inaction

Simple or simpler,

The discipline of reversing the actor.

Reality embodied in twisting upside down.

In balance heart opens

Mind’s lordship is shaken.

Space is this cakra –and space bring detachment

A room of my own in virtual space…

Welcome home!

Arlene Trustham

Manipura of Mine

Mantra the fuel to
Whole heartedness
Drawn to the Centre
Aiming for gentleness

Sandra Hindson


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  1. Great poetry everybody!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Comment by Monica — June 7, 2009 @ 2:22 pm

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