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Sustainable Jewels From The Kitchen

May 16, 2009 by jennifer


Jennifer, a recent YDC and Hatha Teacher Training graduate, has been entering into the Ashram’s community of Karma Yogis through her work in the kitchen. Here she explores a personal reflection of the Ashram’s efforts to become more sustainable through growing and preserving food.

Sustainability has been foremost in my mind since my transition into the kitchen began.  I’ve been thinking a lot about honouring the food that we grow and preserve here, and focusing on how to ensure that we consume what we have preserved before it is in season again and available fresh. The jewels of the winter fade in comparison to the gems of the summer.  Without the comparison, we can truly enjoy the riches.

JenniferI’ve been reflecting on what it is that sustains me.  Aside from physical nourishment, I consider emotional nourishment – my friendships and how in the past I have relied on friends for support, to listen to my woes, to share in my happiness, and to spend time together connecting with the larger world through the activities we choose to do.  I consider as well my spiritual nourishment, noticing that in my newfound relationship with the Divine, my emotional needs can also be met. So, the relationships that have sustained me in the past, no longer need to serve the same purpose.

I have been reflecting on a particular relationship that has been instrumental on my spiritual path.  As I have changed in the last four months, so has the relationship changed, and the role of my friend is now being filled by the Divine – often the Divine in me.

Where does this take me?  When I find that my ways of being, my habits and old patterns no longer sustain the way I wish to live, what do I do?

Ashram organic gardenHere at the Ashram, it means that I examine the alternatives, and make choices based on what is sustainable.  On what will sustain me – my personal growth, my ideals and my purpose in life.

This week my reflections have led me to believe that there comes a time when it is best to honour the ‘jewels’ of the past to make way for the ‘gems’ of the future.


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