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A Chance to Give Back

May 19, 2009 by Darishma

another-kevin-photoKevin Lennox reflects on what he gained through his experience of the Young Adult Program, and his decision to give back by joining the Circle of Sustainability. “I wanted to give back but didn’t think I could. I thought I could only after I made a bunch of money… It’s been a chance to go past my perceived limitations.”

Kevin Lennox arrived at the Ashram in August of 2005, as part of the young adult karma yoga program. He took the Yoga Development Course in 2007 and now lives in Toronto, where we caught up with him.

LightWaves: How did you decide to join the Circle of Sustainability?

Kevin: In leaving the Ashram, one of the things I wanted to learn about was money, so I read a bunch of books about money and personal financial planning. One thing that kept coming up was this old Christian tradition of tithing. Right around that time I was visiting the Ashram and the Circle of Sustainability had just started.

I wanted to give back but didn’t think I could. I thought I could only after I made a bunch of money. At the same time, all the messages seemed to be pointing in the same direction so I decided to join. It’s been a chance to go past my perceived limitations.

LW: Why did you go to the Ashram?

KL: I found the Ashram while I was in a place of crisis in my life. A lot of things in my family had broken down. I had no direction. So I arrived at this community looking for I don’t know what, and found a system of tools and a community that encouraged me to take hold of my mind and use it to its potential.

LW: What did you learn?

KL: I learned practical things, like cooking and taking care of myself through work. The Divine Light Invocation and mantra taught me how to put quality into the work of sustaining myself and helping others and to see beyond whatever thoughts were producing anxiety.

I gained confidence in myself, the ability to stay in one place and feel that I was okay. I learned basic things about following my breath and trusting myself. I was always so afraid of upsetting the people around me that I never felt at home in myself. It was through the daily work and weekly reflection classes that I was able to see my challenges and count my successes rather than focus on my mistakes. That’s a major part of how happy I am now. I can see the good I can do. Before, I could only see my mistakes. Now I can see the value of what I do.

I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to take a year and a half to reflect on my life and come to terms with the responsibility of living up to my potential.  Part of doing that is becoming a contributing member of the movement that is fostering this development in people.  I think of my monthly donation as an act of creating the space and the means for someone else to have a valuable and life affirming experience at the Ashram.


Learn more about the Circle of Sustainability and the Young Adult Program

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  1. thanks- i’ve been meaning to join the circle of sustainability for awhile and kept thinking i would when i was done school and had more money. why wait? i’m starting small, giving what i can, and getting into the habit while also giving myself the opportunity to be part of things now.

    Comment by Jessica Earle-Meadows — October 12, 2009 @ 7:04 pm

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