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Sustaining a Spiritual Home

April 4, 2009 by Andrew Baerthel

Pat Lundy“I see the ashram thriving, expanding the teachings through many avenues, getting the word out so that those who seek will find their way.”

Pat Lundy has been involved with Swami Radha’s teachings since 1996.  She has been teaching Hatha Yoga since taking the YDC in 1997, and began teaching Hatha Yoga Hidden Language since moving to the Crowsnest Pass in the fall of 2004.  Over the years she has continued to return to the Ashram for teacher training and other workshops, and she has been supporting the Ashram’s programs through monthly donations as part of the Circle of Sustainability.  We asked Pat why she continues to donate – this was her heartfelt response.


Why do I give to the Ashram, to the Circle of Sustainability?

I give as an offering, as a way to support the teachings and to ensure this sacred place will continue. I give so that the ashram can continue to offer a place for those seeking, those wanting to know.

Youth Karma Yogis!I have been coming to the ashram for over twelve years. I want it to be twenty,  thirty years, the rest of my life. Each time I am at the ashram I see youth, just beginning their lives as adults, connecting with the wisdom of the teachings with their own inner wisdom. My monthly donation can assist in making this possible for years to come.

I see the ashram thriving, expanding the teachings through many avenues, getting the word out so that those who seek will find their way.

I reflect back on my journey with the teachings, how I had a burning desire to know, and how that was fulfilled through the practices. I give, that others have the opportunity to nourish the hunger within.

I asked myself a question when I was at Polishing The Diamond. “If I don’t want to make a commitment why do I bother?” Here is the answer that came pouring from my soul:

“I bother because I must. It is why I am here, it is my purpose and I have a desire to reach my potential. I can not stop, it is my life. The thought stirs me at my very core, it makes me take a stand.

Without this my brilliance, my will, would shrink and become lifeless. My eyes would become dull and lacklustre, my breath short and foul. There would be no deep inner joy, no magic. I would be the walking dead.

Who am I if I abandon the light? A wanderer in a wasteland, no hope, no goal, no purpose.”

The ashram is my spiritual home, it is where I go to be nourished, to search deeply for answers, to be filled with light and to renew my commitment. In a world that is turning upside down, please God let there be places such as the ashram where we can find the purpose of life and make sense out of why we are here.


Click here to learn more or join the Circle of Sustainability.

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  1. Beautifully expressed Pat. As I read the words, I can see you, and hear you speak them.T hey stir warmth and joy in my heart.

    Comment by carol cattell — April 6, 2009 @ 2:40 am

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