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Inner Life of Asanas Book Release

November 24, 2007 by Lightwaves

inner-life.jpgNew Hidden Language Hath Yoga book, titled “Inner Life of Asanas,” by Swami Lalitanada from Timeless Books, takes Yoga to the streets.

Karin Lenman, long time student of Swami Radha, practitioner and teacher of Hidden Language Hatha Yoga once asked Swami Radha, “When will you write another Hidden Language book with more asanas?”.

Swami Radha smiled and shook her head saying, “My students will write that book.”

This week, that book has arrived, written by a student who has literally taken yoga into the streets and searched out the hidden messages of the asanas in situations that relate closely to every-day experience. In keeping with Swami Radha’s practice, Swami Lalitananda asks us both to study our daily lives through asana, and to take the work further as an opening into spiritual realms.

innerlife2.jpg Karin said, “I feel as if I’ve waited a long time for this second book. But the long wait has been an unexpected gift. It gave me the time to go deeply into the 22 poses in the original book. In that exploration, I have learned things that surprised me about myself and about life in general. And I’ve been taken to depths I never suspected were hidden in the poses. Every time I approach a pose through Hidden Language there’s something new.”
The wait has been worth it for all of us as this book will inspire the practice of Hidden Language for both new and experienced.

Swami Lalitananda writes in the preface to the book:
“You will see that my writing is often very personal, reflecting where I am in the moment. It will be the same for you. Hidden Language starts with the very personal – your observations, your mind, your body, your relationship to the world. And it expands out to the universal, to the mythologies, of our cultures, and to the interconnection among us though the subtle forces sustaining all life.

We can open to our inner life through the asanas if we are receptive to their hidden meaning and to our own hidden depths. With Hidden Language Hatha Yoga, we each compose our own book of knowledge and expand our awareness of the sacred in ourselves and in our world.”

To order your copy of The Inner Life of Asanas – The Best of Hidden Language From Ascent Magazine – Click here to order from the timeless website, or call 1-800-661-8711 to order from the Ashram Bookstore. To order in the USA – call 1-800-251-9273


  1. Hello!
    i have been looking for a book that reveals the meaning of asanas and came across this on the internet. i am a starting yogateacher and would like to get more into the background of asanas. how can i purchase the book?

    kind regards

    Comment by Monika Steinkasserer — August 16, 2011 @ 12:49 am

  2. You can buy this book through Timeless.org or Amazon.

    Comment by jayne Boys — August 16, 2011 @ 1:46 pm

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