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Adrian Wagner is Lifted out of the Ordinary

November 24, 2007 by Lightwaves

lifthead.jpgInspiration behind the Lift recording – Adrian Wagner – talks about music and his hope that this recording will keep people connected to their Ashram experience. Contains ordering information for the new release!

There is a wonderful feeling that most of us experience when we enter the Ashram’s Temple of Divine Light. It happens when passing through the lotus engraved wood doors into the devotional aura in the temple when the Ashram Band is leading a spirited bhajan. When the music is full everybody benefits and feels lifted out of whatever they were carrying before they got to the temple. It’s this pervasive feeling of momentary transcendence that the Ashram Band’s newest recording – Lift – seeks to recreate.

The inspiration for this project came from Adrian Wagner who participated in the Ashram’s young adult program while living at the Ashram from September 2005 – august 2006. Below is our interview with Adrian about the project.

What was the inspiration for this project?
“I wanted to give back to people who come to the ashram. I find people really connect with music at the ashram, and that music is more of a universal thing. When people leave, music can carry them along and my hope is they can take this home and keep what they have experienced alive.”

lift2.jpgWhat is your connection to music?
“It takes me into a space of expressing and listening at the same time. I find a tender balance between quietness and listening. There are amazing moments. There is a stillness behind it all that is tender. With this recording there were some tracks where that happened. It just happened and we didn’t have to make anything happen.”

You seem to have a skill drawing out the best in the musicians. What was it like collaborating on this project?
I try to make everybody comfortable. We have to remember that on one level it is kind of absurd with all of these microphones etc. So I try to hold the space for people and in myself – connect to the gift of it all. Connect and make music.

For you, how is music an offering?
I feel that music in its most powerful form is an offering. It’s in the music. When people are singing they are all offering the beauty of their expression, offering to each other and to the universe. It’s not about recognition; it’s bigger than that. At the ashram it takes this form more often. Every night people are together singing in the temple and that has an enormous effect. I never felt that so regularly before I spent time at the ashram.

This recording is a way I hope people can take some of that home with them.

lift1.jpgWhat do you hope people will receive with this recording?
I hope it is an inspiration to come back – to the ashram and to that place in them-selves. In the music is a thread of connection to the Light, and the music can be a grounded ness in the day to day anywhere.

What is the name Lift about?
It’s pretty simple. This kind of music lifts you up. You enter in one way and the music kind of delivers you out another.

Click to hear tracks from this recording #1 #2


To order your copy of Lift, call the Ashram Bookstore 1-800-661-8711.

Beginning in December you can also order on-line through the ascent store . Click here

Later in December, Lift will be available through itunes. Each track can be downloaded for $.99

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  1. That was so beautiful. I am truely moved. Music has the amazing power of touching the deepist part of me. Thank you for that glorious offering.

    peace out

    Comment by fava zaharuk — November 25, 2007 @ 3:56 pm

  2. I had been introduced to Mantra before but it was discovering it really for the first time at the ashram where I felt and heard the powerful message. I can’t imagine living life now without mantra and music. Thank You Yasodhara!

    Comment by Brenna Greenland — November 27, 2007 @ 6:15 pm

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