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Expressing Gratitude – The Circle of Sustainability

October 26, 2007 by Lightwaves

james.jpgThe Circle of Sustainability offers you a way to express your gratitude for these teachings; for all that Swami Radha did for us so we can become who we really are.

I’m standing under the old apple tree in late October just beside the homestead cabin where Swami Radha started out on the Ashram property. The wet grass is covered in a layer of brown leaves – soon snow will cover them and the slow winter processes will turn the leaves into nutrients for next season’s growth. I see how the trees take care of themselves and know that the cycles of nature are sustained year after year. As Swami Radha’s work has branched out, evolving from a homesteader’s cabin to a world-renowned spiritual home, publishing house and teaching centre, the same kind of sustaining is necessary. But money doesn’t grow on trees.

The Circle of Sustainability offers you a way to express your gratitude for these teachings; for all that Swami Radha did for us so we can become who we really are. She always said that what we put into this life is what we’ll get out of it. It comes full circle. To date over 100 people have joined the Circle of Sustainability donating $25 a month or more. Our goal is to have 1000 people donating $25 a month; with this we can ensure an enduring legacy of quality teachings, a sustainable infrastructure at the Ashram and inspired publications. I whole-heartedly encourage you to join.

Currently donations will be supporting the publication of Swami Lalitananda’s new book – The Inner Life of Asanas – a compilation of her best columns from ascent magazine including additional reflections on the process of Hidden Language and its practical bridge to everyday life. Sustaining the essence of Swami Radha’s unique and powerful approach to hatha yoga can only happen through the commitment of people like Swami Lalitananda and from the publication of material that supports this inspiring body of teachings. By joining the Circle of Sustainability, you will be contributing to yoga teachings that benefit thousands of people. Additional donations to help with publication costs will be gratefully accepted.

Additionally, we are upgrading the heating system in Mandala House, the Ashram’s main teaching, kitchen and dining facility. The conversion to sustainable ground-source heat is costly but over time both operating expenses and energy use will decrease significantly. Drilling holes to access the ground heat and install this geothermal system will begin in the next three weeks. This major initiative will move us ever closer to the goals we have established to reduce our ecological footprint and toward our objective of becoming a carbon neutral community. I’m sure you agree this is a worthy goal given the potentially devastating effects of the climate crisis we all face.

We know many people find that giving is a sustaining practice because we have received many emails and letters expressing a “lasting gratitude” to Swami Radha. Please consider expressing your gratitude with a small monthly donation or a one-time larger donation. We all benefit from the giving.

For information about the Circle of Sustainability or how to make a donation, click here
In gratitude,

James Gates

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  1. Thank-you James for your words on the necessity to sustain the cycle of loving inspiration offered through Swami Rhada’s legacy and connection with Sri Sivananda.
    I have experienced wonder-filled insight with Hidden Language hatha yoga classes…deep gratitude to all the teachers, and hope to soon contribute regularly to support this community.

    Om, Om Om to the ‘Inner Life of Trees’ and their gifts.

    Comment by Murray Phillips — October 27, 2007 @ 8:19 pm

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