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On Healing and the Practice of Hidden Language Hatha Yoga

January 14, 2009 by Lightwaves

As the YDC 2009 begins, participants are entering into their journey with the practice of Hidden Language Hatha Yoga. Swami Radhakrishnananda takes this opportunity to reflect back on her own Hidden Language diary, finding the humour and remembering what has been learned.  She presents questions for reflection – we invite you to take them into your own practice and respond!

Recently, I looked through my diary from this time last year to find it filled with notes from my practice of hidden language hatha yoga. The many reflections and insights recorded on those pages showed me that something was really happening. My tendency is to think that not much is going on. This is a trap. There is  something very dear about those almost cryptic entries.

Lighthearted words, encouraging and kind, shine on the pages – words like relaxation, good humour, a sense of ease, and well being.  They balance the others – tension, being in the grip, feeling anxious

The notations are from a practice a small group of us did together in the early mornings last winter. We chanted the mantra for 15 minutes and then did hidden language together.  I can see now that remembering what has been learned, recalling it, is as important as getting the insight in the first place. Fortunately the guidance is still relevant and as I  read on there springs up a desire to do these reflections again, to stay with them.

(In this approach to hatha yoga) the body is respected as a spiritual tool. The body relates its messages and the mind listens.  -Swami Lalitananda, from Hatha Yoga: the Hidden Language

In the Shoulderstand the idea comes to soften my body and mind and as I do, devotional feelings arise and an inner prompting suggests I offer the pose to the Most High. Creating such a sacred space in the practice can take me beyond my personality aspects and establish a knowing.

‘Faith in the Higher Force will flower’ -Swami Radha

We create an intuitive space for deepening our understanding about ourselves uncovering our obstacles and potential.    -Swami Lalitananda, from Hatha Yoga: the Hidden Language

Balance has been an issue these past few years. Something I took for granted until age 52 is now practiced carefully. I read my entry on the tree pose which is a favorite despite my swaying in the breeze.

How does a tree connect to light? How do I connect to light? After doing the Divine Light Invocation, the pose is very steady for a long time. The light calms me down, centers me, connects me to something deeper within. The tree is bathed in light, lives in light, opens to light. I am balancing in the light.

Clearly, the practice of the Divine Light Invocation, the mantras, and the postures work together to create a balance in my life that is truly healing day by day.

The language of the body connects with the language of symbolism, and insights arise.  Swami Lalitananda, from Hatha Yoga: the Hidden Language

In cobra I feel very natural. The question for reflection is how to turn temptation into wisdom. The breath seems to  lift me. My sense is that the  answer lies – in what is natural. I equate this  with honesty. Be realistic and see what is in front of me then wisdom is at hand.

This question emerges from the revolving triangle and I like it so much that it becomes a ‘regular’ in these early morning sessions.

Is there a still point or center from which I can extend?

Spiritual practice wouldn’t be quite the same without a sense of humour coming through. I had spent a long time with the eagle pose, working on balance, getting perspective, seeing through my traps on and on it went. Then one day when in the pose and I thought not much more could happen, the question arose in my mind– unmistakably clear: Why do you spend so much time standing on one foot when you have two legs to stand on?

Why indeed! Probably because I didn’t read over my diaries enough to know what is possible.  I musn’t keep my insights hidden from me. They are the essence of healing – through understanding, clarifying, learning and even laughing.  When I string them together from this diary the sense of well being is unmistakable. I plan to keep reading. Om Namah Sivaya!

~Swami Radhakrishnananda

Here are some questions to take into your own practice – we invite you to let your body speak, reflect, and respond!

Tree Pose – How does a tree connect to light?  How do I connect to light?  Where will the balancing act come today? What can I prepare for? Can I get help from the Light?

Triangle or Revolved Triangle: Is there a still point or center from which I can extend?







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  1. I really enjoyed reading this article online just now! I go to a nearby yoga studio with very committed instructors who admit they are always learning too. I like that! I like the questions posed above – it is one thing to go to class or do yoga at home and it is another to let it (help it) filter through our lives as it needs to do. I love the tree imagery. Anyway, just a bit of feedback! Your website is very soothing.

    Comment by kc — January 14, 2009 @ 4:29 pm

  2. Gentle article–it inspires me to read through my diaries again, and capture the nuggets.



    Comment by Lorraine Burke — January 15, 2009 @ 4:50 pm

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