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Eileen Pearkes interview: discovering Wholeness Through Loss

October 26, 2007 by Lightwaves

gshead.jpgExclusive Interview with new timeless books author of the Glass Seed, Eileen Pearkes.

Seeds are fascinating things; they contain such potential. A 200-foot plus Ponderosa pine near the north edge of the Ashram property spawned from a seed just 1/8th of an inch across.

Author Eileen Pearkes asks, “What would it take for a glass seed to germinate?” Surely this couldn’t be a gentle process. Neither was the decade long decline of her once lucid and decisive mother who slowly withdrew due to the onset and progression Alzheimer’s disease. Eileen’s beautiful memoir – “The Glass Seed” – shows us that although loss is part of this disease, the potential of something beautiful and lasting to be gained is real.

Eileen’s journey took her back into her childhood in rural California and further back into her family’s pioneering history and again further back into cultural memory where she explores her womanhood through Greek myths. In this reaching back she observes her mother’s reality change to the point where all that was available was the luminescent present. In this Eileen discovers a mother she never knew and herself as she had never been.

The circle from mother to daughter is completed as Eileen learns how to nurture while she cares for a mother whose vulnerability increases as the disease progresses.

Musing about how this experience influenced her own life as a mother of school aged children she says, “I realized how beautiful it was to protect her and I realized that my children could have more of that.”

Watch the video interview below as Eileen explores what came alive in her mother while Alzheimer’s slowly shut down her rational mind. She asks, “Is there something redemptive in what happens to people when they go this way?”

To order a copy of The Glass Seed, click here.

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