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Generosity as a Spiritual Practice

September 25, 2007 by Lightwaves

fundhead.jpgJoin the Circle of Sustainability! The Ashram does a lot of living on faith, relying on the generous contributions of donors and supporters to sustain the essential work.

Giving a little on a regular basis makes a big difference. This is the central theme for the Ashram’s new Circle of Sustainability. We’re inviting you to join.

For 45 years the Ashram community has lived on faith, relying on the generosity of residents, members and supporters. It most often came in relatively small contributions, year after year. Nothing was too small or too insignificant. As we can see today, it all made a very significant difference. It is clear that in the giving and receiving, everyone benefits. Every little bit has value.

At the Annual General Meeting this summer, we talked about sustainability. The idea of a Circle of Sustainability program emerged from a discussion on how we could assure a firm financial base for this work this year and in the years to come. We realized that we can’t continue to rely on one-up fund raising campaigns for help to upgrade or refurbish buildings, publish new books, support the youth and young artists at Ascent and to otherwise keep the work going.

These teachings, this Ashram, are Swami Radha’s gift to us all.  It was built on the personal, often small financial contributions of thousands of individuals. That spirit of selfless service is part of our heritage and the key to our ongoing success.

The Circle of Sustainability brings together a community of donors to provide the financial base to make sure that this Ashram, this work, continues to be available and accessible to all. The goal is simple:

1000 people contributing $25 per month on an ongoing basis.

asanas_cover_med.jpgSome youth and elders on fixed incomes are subscribing at $10 and asking their friends to join. Others are able to donate more with regular charges to their credit cards. Whatever the expression, the idea goes back to the roots of manageable, regular donations that can suit any personal budget.

Donations to the Circle of Sustainability are currently funding the publication of The Inner Life of Asanas, by Swami Lalitananda, Swami Radha’s assistant during the last years of her life. Later this fall we will be looking to the Circle of Sustainability to help us reduce the ecological footprint of our main services building as we upgrade our waste-oil burner to an integrated geothermal and solar heating system.To join the Circle of Sustainability! Call 1-800-661-8711 or click here to go to donation page.

Click The Inner Life of Asanas to be re-directed to the Timeless Books website.

By Faith Hayflich

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