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Two Timeless titles among “quintessential” Yoga books

November 25, 2008 by Lightwaves

Swami Radha’s classic book Hatha Yoga: The Hidden Language, and recent Timeless Books release The Inner Life of Asanas by Swami Lalitananda have been included in the Everything Yoga Blog’s “Quintessential Yogi Bookshelf”. In this excerpt from The Inner Life, Swami Lalitananda reflects on the human body as “the holder of secrets, the teller of truths.”

Symbols, secrets, and metaphors: an excerpt from The Inner Life of Asanas by Swami Lalitananda

Could the asanas have an inner life? What would that mean?

In the Hidden Language approach to Hatha Yoga, founded by Swami Sivananda Radha, the asanas can be realized as mudras, sacred seals or gestures. If we want to understand what secrets they hold, we can inquire and reflect and begin to loosen up what has been sealed away – in our bodies, in our minds, in the potency of the poses themselves.

We can open to our inner life through the asanas if we are receptive to their hidden meaning and to our own hidden depths. With Hidden Language Hatha Yoga, we each compose our own book of knowledge and expand our awareness of the sacred in ourselves and in our world.

What I know from practising Hidden Language Hatha Yoga is that it is always about where I am at that moment. When I use it as a tool, like a plough, I can dig deeply and upturn my own secrets. What is revealed can be a delight – perhaps a glimpse of my potential, or a hidden passageway that leads from a cramped, dark space to a place of Light. I may discover a treasure of knowledge that I had concealed long ago and forgotten. But I may also unearth less appealing treasures such as fears I’ve never dealt with, or pride hastily hidden behind a fragile front, or other old psychological “stuff” that has not been sorted through.

The human body is the holder of all the secrets, the teller of truths. And when the truths are revealed – good or not so good – they are gifts. Seeing a pattern that creates pain, do I want to keep it or let it go? Can I decide on a new course of action by inviting in a new way of thinking? The value of Hatha Yoga is not just in stretching the muscles, but in stretching the mind.

Through discovering our own secrets and making our own choices, our lives are put back into our own hands. We do not need to look outside ourselves for a rescuer or saviour. We have gained access to an inner wisdom that is real and accessible through the body.


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Hatha Yoga: The Hidden Language

The Inner Life of Asanas

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  1. so nice to be reminded that the body holds my truth…especially since it hurts at the moment…hmm, what are you trying to tell me old buddy?
    So nice to see Maureen! More of that!
    om om

    Comment by Michael McCarthy — November 25, 2008 @ 6:52 pm

  2. Wonderful timing! I have just arrived back in Scotland and think I have found a venue to offer Hatha after only 2 days. So, for Lightwaves to focus on Hatha is an encouragement and comfort for me. Sw Radhananda’s satsang talk was just what I needed to hear. And, great article Maureen. Keep up the good work – inside and outside. And, I agree with Michael, SO GOOD to see you.

    Comment by Sue Powell — November 27, 2008 @ 10:24 am

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