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Swami Radhananda on Polishing the Diamond

September 25, 2007 by Lightwaves

polishdhead.jpgSwami Radhananda, spiritual director of the Ashram, facilitates transformation and brings clarity to many.

I stood outside the Temple of Divine Light, noticing the radiance of the beings emerging through the entrance. It was the end of a course called Polishing the Diamond. I suddenly understood why it had been named so: a group of people, unknown to each other, come together and after five days emerge as dazzling gems.

– To make shiny
– To perfect or refine

Polishing the Diamond is an annual ascent intensive course. Swami Radhananda, spiritual director of the Ashram, facilitates transformation and brings clarity to many. While named an ‘intensive’, Swami Radhananda describes the course as intense yet also relaxing. Swami Radha always said that everyone has a diamond inside, and this course offers people the opportunity to uncover their own sparkling centre, their own diamond of Light. Examples of the dust that needs to be polished off include emotions and desires.

– used to refer to unique objects

Participants of the course learn in their own way that they do have a diamond within. For each individual, the process is different. The course focuses on very simple practices that can be taken away and used to keep the inner gem sparkling in the outside world too. For Swami Radhananda, her first way in was through her dreams – using symbols that came from her unconscious that applied to and helped her with all the different parts of her life.

– a transparent, flawless or almost flawless piece, esp. when cut and polished, valued as a precious gem

The Polished Diamonds write of their experiences…

‘Time spent at this retreat gave me a sense of my life’s potential brilliance. Shimmering moments of insight and well-being. Truly a gift to myself and those around me.’
– Patricia Hurdle

‘I had the good fortune to attend the Polishing the Diamond course taught by Swami Radhananda in May of 2006. The course was a wonderful opportunity to gain a fresh new perspective on incorporating Swami Radha’s teachings into my life in a practical way. Swami Radhananda is a wonderful teacher with much insight into the subtle workings of the mind. I was blessed to have her for my teacher in this course.’
– Robert Fincati

polishdmain.jpg‘Polishing the Diamond afforded me a uniquely supportive atmosphere at a time when I really needed it. In one workshop, I spent some time with the picture of a young seated Tara who seemed to have a confident air. Surprisingly I gradually began to feel an internal connection to the confidence and spirit that seemed to radiate from the image. It was as if Tara became my internal companion or best friend. Later in the course, when I received news of the serious illness of a loved one, I felt an internal support inspired by the exercise with the image of Tara that stayed with me over the weeks and months during my family member’s recovery. A year and a half later, the experience of connecting with Tara on the Polishing the Diamond course continues to sustain an inner joy and confidence that I had not previously experienced and that I treasure dearly.’
– Jane Cooper

The one thing you can expect from this course is to change.

By Sarah Spence

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