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Healing and the Light

November 25, 2008 by Lightwaves

In this second part of Swami Radhakrishnananda’s series on Yoga and healing, a Spokane mother and son team share how they are each using the Light in their own way to support them in working through their individual health challenges.

The tools we learn through yoga can be applied to help with almost any situation we are dealing with – relationships, families, next steps, or physical conditions.

At Radha Yoga Center Spokane for several years now we have held classes called Yoga for Health and Healing. On occasion I have asked the students how they use what they learn there. The classes focus on hatha yoga, the Divine Light Invocation and mantra.

There is always an enthusiastic response to the question. Whether it is about doing breathing exercises in the middle of the night to help get back to sleep or invoking the help of the light when in pain or humming a mantra to release stress, everyone has a story. And it is heartwarming to hear them.

This process has helped all of us to see that all of the classes are healing. Swami Radha’s work by its very nature is healing. It promotes health and wellbeing in body, mind and spirit. A mother and son team, Susan and Max Bunting recently gave me their stories which follow. They are very inspiring.

Susan Bunting has been coming to the center for about 4 years and has struggled with severe pain in her hip and lower back. Her main practice is the Divine Light Invocation. This is her account:

Physically I have used the Divine Light as my major form of healing for both my back and now my hip. I have been extremely successful using the Divine light as a method of healing and controlling pain.

Every morning as I am waking up I give thanks for and to the Light. Then I envision the light penetrating the area from all directions and also filling that area with light.

Next I do the Divine Light Invocation to start my day and to fill my day and myself and that area with Light. So as I begin each day my area of pain has been filled and surrounded by Light.

Throughout my day I stop periodically and direct the light to my hip. When reflecting or meditating I include the Divine Light and ask for help with my hip. I am constantly bathing the hip area with light. When the pain is unbearable I bring the Light into my hip using the 4/4 breathing. I remind myself that area is surrounded and filled with Light. I know I am protected by Divine Light.

Sometimes when I am meditating I will see the area of pain in my hip. Then I give it a shape and a colour. Apparently most people see their colour as either red or black. Mine was red and now has gone from hard orange to a lighter gold/orange colour. Then I remove it from my body, examine it, and put it behind. Immediately I fill the area with light.

Her son Max lives with a diagnosis of bi-polar disorder accompanied by severe mania. It manifests in extreme energy and racing thoughts that often leads to psychosis. He has had startling experiences with the Divine Light Invocation. In a phone interview today he explained that it calms him down, slows the racing thoughts and gives him enough space to not do something crazy. A chance to settle himself and regroup. Very healing.

Max said that when he is in the manic state his mind becomes his enemy and if he can think of the light or do the invocation it takes him out of the psychotic state. I remember one night when he came to class he said that in the bus station earlier he felt the disorder sweeping over him and he sat down on a bench and with all the concentration he could pull together, focused on the light and kept repeating, I am protected by Divine Light. It took two hours for the whole thing to shift but when it did he felt truly victorious.

I asked him about hatha yoga because he is a regular in the classes here. He said the deep breathing (4/4 breathing) we do is essential for him, that it brings more oxygen to the brain and allows him to become more rational. He said the time honoured poses, when done in a relaxed way also slow him down and the reflective and symbolic aspects to the practice are very important. They get his mind working in a positive way.

In their quest for healing Max and Susan have grown and through their experiences been able to stand by for each other. It is a privilege to witness this.

As Swami Radhananda said in her talk on healing in the Sept issue of lightwaves – we have to ask what is it that needs healing? The practices will inevitably lead us to the answer.

Hari Om
Swami Radhakrishnananda

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