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The Inspiration of Community

YAS Annual General Meeting 2010

September 6, 2010 by Gef Tremblay

Every year Yasodhara Ashram’s community gathers for its Annual General meeting. It’s inspiring to see the regrouping of a whole community, the pulse of the gathering and the expansion that takes place.

By the end, people prepare to leave for home, enthusiastic and ready to share more of Swami Radha’s teachings.

What makes people come back to the ashram year after year? Precisely orchestrated like migratory birds, they enter back into the community to share, connect and inspire each other. During the AGM a very fertile ground of creativity is formed as the community presents what has happened in the last year and builds contacts and connections for the next year.

From ashram community to digital community

What is most uplifting to me is everyone’s willingness to move forward. We are all on the spiritual path, even if it takes on different colors, practices and rhythms. There is a common element that we are all committed to learning about ourselves and cultivating the desire to evolve.

New technology can oftentimes be hard to grasp for many people. Hence, my work in developing new ways of online communication can be challenging to convey. To my surprise however, everyone I met with wanted to commit to learn more and to be part of the digital community! You can view more of what is happening with our online interconnectivity with this presentation below.

(click the play button, then slide your cursor on the more option to the far right, click on autoplay)

To start the process of the AGM, Swami Radhananda, president of Yasodhara Ashram, inspired us with her vision. There is an understanding that the community is on the brink of significant change, and throughout the AGM this theme was brought forward. There is a need to reposition the ashram and our teachings in today’s world in order to be part of this fast evolving reality that surrounds us.

Another facet that the ashram is exploring is our food ecology and food flow. Paris Marshall-Smith is leading the way in this development. This is one example of the innovation we want to nurture at the ashram, as we ask ourselves how we can be of service to this world, leading by example while inspiring people who work here.

YAS AGM 2010 from Yasodhara Ashram on Vimeo.

Many more discussions and connections happened during our two days of meetings and a lot of ideas were conceived. We will be sending the minutes of the AGM to all our members shortly. If you are not a member, and are interested to learn more about where the ashram is headed, feel free to contact us.

So how do you see yourself in 10 years? How will you be a part of Yasodhara Ashram and Swami Radha’s teachings? What do you need to make it happen and what is your commitment?

Fresh harvested tomatoes

Garden rows of potential

Food ecology & food flow

Local food for our community


  1. so glad to be a part of such a dedicated community!
    renewing inspiration again and again!
    Content in knowing I listened to the call to come and live near the Ashram. I look forward to being here and seeing how my connection continues to evolve and blossom.

    Comment by Palma — September 7, 2010 @ 8:34 am

  2. Thank you, Swami Radhananda, for such peaceful and powerful words. I am touched in a deeper place as I watch and listen, sorry I wasn’t there in person yet appreciating the videotapes. I gain so much in this way too.

    Comment by Terri — September 8, 2010 @ 5:09 pm

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