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The Language of Symbols

satsang with swami sivananda

September 14, 2010 by Andrew Baerthel

The Life Seals workshop is an integral part of several courses offered at Yasodhara Ashram, including 10-Day Yoga Retreats and the Yoga Development Course. Life Seals is a way for you to tap into your inner wisdom through the language of symbols.

In this satsang talk, Swami Sivananda speaks about the process of exploring oneself in a new way: “There’s something that almost seems magic about it. How does this happen, that people can see themselves so clearly and have such a good overview of their life, and see ways that they can change to become closer to the kind of person that they want to be?”

Come visit Yasodhara Ashram this autumn for the Life Seals workshop beginning October 1 – 3, 2010

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