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Spokane Plants Seeds of Service

March 28, 2010 by Satya

The Spokane Radha Yoga Centre teachers are leaping into the unknown while keeping their ears to the ground. They are listening for resonating connections within the Spokane community, following where it leads with some exciting budding relationships. They celebrated the fruits of this practice on Swami Radha‘s birthday with a 108 Sun Salutations event, keeping the inspiration vibrant. Satya connects with Lightwaves to share their latest news. (left: Mandi Walters, Radha Centre Youth Coordinator and Jed Wagner, Events Coordinator.)

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Spokane joins the Ashram for our on-line Bajan birthday party

SWAMI RADHA’S BIRTHDAY ON MARCH 20TH unfolded in a special way at Spokane’s Radha Yoga Center.  It was the day of our Sun, Seeds and Service – 108 Sun Salutations event. Yoga teachers and practitioners came together to celebrate the Equinox and explore ways to bring the energy that comes from practice into service in the community. Radha yoga teacher, Bailee Nebeker even drove from Seattle to join in our birthday 108 celebration!

Swami Durgananda started the Sun Salutations with inspiring words about the ‘108’ names of Divine Mother—reminding everyone that wherever we are Divine Mother is there and we can count on Her.  Swami Durgananda invited us to think of gratitude as we did our Sun Salutations—gratitude for Divine Mother who is everywhere, for the energy we’re given and to think of the sun as symbolic of the Light, our guide and source.  There was a feeling of devotion as everyone entered into their practice.

The devotional feeling generated during the practice flowed into a discussion about service and cultivating willingness to share what we’ve received.  The whole event brought together the physical and spiritual aspects, a movement of devotion into service. What’s exciting for all of us is the feeling that we are entering into the unknown and we are willing to explore what comes and then to take the next steps.

Bailee Nebeker in backyard of Spokane Radha Centre

As a result of this practice there are new connections being made between Radha Center and the wider Spokane community.  Jed Wagner, our Event Coordinator feels Radha Center is a catalyst for what’s happening in Spokane. “I can tell from our connection, we all attend Satsang pretty regularly and experience a local spiritual community.  It’s inviting people into that place of acceptance and support,  bringing a nourishing value into service.  The energy is already there and people are really impressed with the space.  I think it’s a wonderful opportunity.”  Mandi Walters our Youth Coordinator agrees – “It’s like a beautiful offering, opening up a space that’s been created by an intention of devotion.”

Mandi Walters in Namaste

One of our recent connections is offering yoga to Spokane youth-at-risk. Dave Carter, from Spokane’s juvenile court system, is enthusiastic about what’s happening. “Yoga can fulfill many needs that these children have, and a class like this will make it available when there would be no other way they would become exposed to a yoga practice and it’s many benefits.  Yoga is beneficial to them and the future of our community.” Mandi will be bringing yoga to the “Girls Group” of the juvenile court mentoring program that focuses on building healthy relationships with peers and changing family patterns that are being passed on through the generations.

Another connection that came from the Sun, Seeds & Service event is with the Hutton Settlement, a residential home for homeless children that was founded in 1919, dedicated to giving care, compassion and opportunities to children in need.  Resident/teacher David Milliken is looking for ways to bring more of what yoga offers into their programs. “Our idea is to move them from being receivers of services to becoming givers of service; to creating a sense of value and meaning in their lives while contributing their gifts to the community.”

Digital Connection!

We are also now involved with the Spokane Interfaith community, which is exploring new ways of bringing compassion to the wider Spokane community with some very inspiring upcoming events. Also, a connection that came through Ottawa Radha Center’s Youth Outreach is with Portland’s Street Yoga, which offers yoga to at-risk and homeless youth.

After our event everyone came together at Mandi’s home, to continue the celebration by joining Yasodhara Ashram’s virtual birthday party.  To connect on-line we had to go down the street, taking yoga out into the streets of Spokane in a different way.  As we sat on the curb under the streetlight and twinkling stars singing bhajans with everyone at the Ashram (and Mandi’s neighbors) there was a feeling that Swami Radha was laughing with delight.

Ki Jai Swami Radha!

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  1. Namaste!
    It is so lovely to hear of what is happening at Spokane! Today Divine Mother comes in the form of inspiration!.. and I cant help but mention how cute the Radha yogi/nis look sitting curbside! sweet!

    om om

    Comment by Rachel — March 30, 2010 @ 9:44 am

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