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Upcoming Workshop Intensives: Living the Practice, Polishing the Diamond

September 16, 2008 by Lightwaves

During the month of October, the Yasodhara Ashram and the Radha Yoga and Eatery in Vancouver present two exciting Workshop Intensives.

Radha Yoga and Eatery in Vancouver will host Living the Practice. This in-depth weekend workshop is an exciting opportunity to study with Swami Radhananda, the president and spiritual director of Yasodhara Ashram.  Click on the image below to see the full-size poster in PDF format.

There is still space to register for this year’s Polishing the Diamond ascent Intensive!  October 21 – 26,  Join Swami Radhananda at Yasodhara Ashram for an in-depth exploration of your life through symbolism, art and the ancient teachings of yoga.

“There is so much space and freedom given in Polishing the Diamond, as well as a structure for exploration.  I still use the beautiful practice of doing 10 Divine Light Invocations facing different directions, sending Light out, out, and out, and bringing it back in.  The premise that underlies the course still resonates for me – we are each and everyone a diamond, the only job left is polishing, until we are transparent to ourselves and other.  We can then absorb Light, reflect Light, and channel Light. It is such an affirmation of our basic nature, the Divine within.”
-Irene Scarth, past participant of Polishing the Diamond

YOGA IN THE MOUNTAINS: Polishing the Diamond retreat with Swami Radhananda
October 21st (eve) through 26, 2008

We all have a brilliance within, a knowing that guides us to self-awareness. In this workshop, Swami Radhananda, successor of Swami Sivananda Radha, ascent magazine columnist and president of Yasodhara Ashram, will lead you through an exploration of yogic practices such as mantra, meditation, visualization and self-reflection that illuminate the beauty and complexity of your inner self.  

Take time to nourish yourself and deepen your understanding of yoga’s spiritual teachings in a quiet, picturesque setting. The retreat will appeal to students of all levels who wish to learn more about their own path to the heart

.  For more information and to register call 1-800-661-8711. Course fee is $950 and includes tuition, accommodation and nourishing meals. Space is limited.

“Swami Radhananda invited each of us to go inward and gave us the space and confidence to do so. The workshop was nourishing on many levels, leading to discovery and reaffirmation.”

-Faith Hayflich

“As a senior, I discovered that the diamond within is my spiritual guide lighting my path, showing me the way to being peaceful and contented.”

-Jackie Hansen

For more details about the Intensive, follow this link:


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