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Spring Light

March 5, 2010 by Sandra Hindson

As we move out of the dark days of winter into the growing light of spring, the air is filled with a promise for new growth. The Yoga Development Course is now in its 8th week and participants are deeply involved in this incredible journey of self-discovery. Participants joined the Ashram community for a day of  Karma Yoga with a focus on the Divine Mother prayer from the Ananda Lahari (Wave of Bliss) as a reminder of Her presence. As the last several weeks have demonstrated life is a wave that ebbs and flows and the only constant is change- like the seasons. (Watch a slide show of this incredible day.)

IN LIGHT OF EARLY SPRING AND FINE WEATHER  here on the shores of Kootenay Bay, Swami Radhananda in a recent Satsang spoke of the beauty of the Ashram. “This is a land made sacred by a woman,” Swami Radha and the yogic teachings, a land that had already been initiated with it’s name, Yasodhara.  Yasodhara was the wife of the Buddha, whose name means ‘bearer of glory’.  She would become a nun after her husband’s departure in search for enlightenment, and emulating her husband’s actions and teachings, attained enlightenment herself. So like this sacred land, the Divine Feminine manifests in a multitude of forms and devotion to Her is expressed in the lines to the Divine Mother Prayer.

O Divine Mother, May all my speech and idle talk be Mantra, All actions of my hands be Mudra, All eating and drinking be the offering of Oblations unto Thee, All lying down, prostrations unto Thee, May all pleasures be as dedicating my entire self unto thee, and May everything I do be taken as Thy worship.

This week the Yoga Development course participated in Karma yoga, the yoga of action, taking the Divine Mother prayer into the work, focusing on the line, ‘May everything thing I do be taken as Thy Worship’.  The day unfolded like the graceful gestures of the prayer dance. Words used by the participants to describe their experience reflected this;  ‘flow, gratitude, victory, effortless and no need to speak’ and a feeling arose in the room of deep gratitude for the teachings and for the changes they were witnessing in themselves and each other.  Here was the Divine Feminine whose powers of preciousness, strength, harmony, seriousness, and intimate knowledge were manifesting in the participants.  Meanwhile, young adults here for the 2 week program practiced speech awareness, working with such care and consideration for their fellow YDC karma yogis.

The day was glorious and the afternoon saw the garden filled with Karma Yogis eagerly digging in the rich soil, adding fresh nutrients and building beds for the spring planting.  Paris Marshall Smith was here to lead up and begin planning for the new season of garden offerings, bringing her skills and enthusiasm for the Ashram’s goal of sustainability and carbon neutrality by 2013.  Work continued on our new Waterfall Road that will deliver you to Yasodhara Heights, where floors were being laid on the new cabin.  As with the strong evidence of an early spring here, there is a lot sprouting, along with the winter roses and elephant ears.  So as the earth awakens with new life and geese land on our shores, Yasodhara Ashram is pregnant with new possibilities and growth.


In this slide show of Ashram faces you will discover faces of Divine Mother photographed by Swami Radhananda, woven in, bringing in a tenderness, a reminder of Her compassion She has for us.  She is also our true potential, a reflection of who we truly are.

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful slide show of the karma yogis and the visions of re-birthing that spring is bringing to Ashram.

    As spring begins to unfold and the darkness and shackles of winter begin to shed itself I find myself longing for the open, loving and calm embrace of the Ashram to re-centre myself amongst the ever groping tentacles of day to day life.

    Through the beautiful photos of the grounds and the joyful faces of the karma yogis I felt an immediate re-connection to the loving and healing energies of the Yasodhara community and am once again reminded and gently re-directed back to the priority of my spiritual practice in sustaining that balance and connection. Namaste

    Comment by Bev Oscar — March 6, 2010 @ 11:00 am

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