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  1. Yasodhara Ashram March Newsletter

    March 29, 2011 by Lightwaves, Category: News & Events

    Melting snow and rushing streams. Birdsongs adding depth and lightness to morning walks. Earthy smells fill the air. First flowers, showing their green and gold. The seasonal transition is calling us out of our inner winter focus as the YDC is coming to an end and seeds have already been started for the garden. Spring is inviting us forward.

    108 Sun Salutations Fundraiser: May 1st 2011

    Are you ready to do 108 Sun Salutations? Our young adults are getting ready by collecting pledges and practicing the set of 12 movements. On May 1st 2011, Young Adults at the Ashram and around the world will do 108 Sun Salutations to raise money for the Ashram’s Young Adult Program. For more information on participating and pledging,visit 108 sun salutations


    Chef Position Available

    Do you know someone who makes the most delightful vegan/vegetarian food?  Someone who can plan balanced nutritious meals?  Someone with strong communication skills to coordinate with ashram and garden management; strong teaching skills to guide paid and volunteer assistants; strong organizational skills to manage budget, inventory and ordering? We’ve found that people with experience cooking for tree-planting camps are an excellent fit.

    We’re looking for our new full-time chef to start this May. Options are available for a summer contract, or a more permanent year round position.

    Swami Radhananda’s Book Tour

    Swami Radhananda has just returned to the Ashram from offering readings and workshops to full houses in Calgary. Organizers say about the Tools For Transition workshop: “It was amazing and inspiring what people discovered … the three hours passed so quickly.”

    In April Swami Radhananda will be inspiring people in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto with readings and workshops. Later this summer, she will be offering a five day course at the Ashram called Living the Practice.

    Be sure to catch her when she’s in your area: www.radhananda.org

    One Teacher’s Extended Stay

    “It’s been such a rich experience being here during the YDC and supporting the work as a Karma Yogi.” Says Joanne Bellanger, the Centre Director of Radha Yoga Center in Cranbrook BC.

    Joanne has been breathing new life into the bookstore and co-teaching YDC workshops. She says: “My learning has been enormous in a different way than when I’ve been here on course or for a short visit. I’m at the time in my life where I have a strong desire to give back to a body of teachings that has given me so very much.”

    When asked if she’d recommend an extended stay to others, she replied: “This time has truly been a blessing and I highly recommend it to any teacher who would like to get a real sense of what living in community is really like. Co-teaching with the residents has been an invaluable learning experience. This is my spiritual home and I feel so blessed to be able to enter in for a few months, leave and then re-enter in again.”

    Timeless Books Celebrates Swami Radha’s Centennial

    In honour of the 100th anniversary of Swami Radha’s birth, timeless books is preparing three special offerings, all celebrating her remarkable life story:

    • Radha’s Story: A Biography of Swami Sivananda Radha. The long awaited DVD release!
    • In the Company of the Wise: A Disciple’s Journey.   After being out of print for many years, this book is now redesigned and waiting to be rediscovered.
    • And, a new centennial edition of Radha: Diary of a Woman’s Search, Swami Radha’s classic memoir of her time in India.

    Watch www.timeless.org for these titles as they are released throughout 2011.

    Refreshing how the Ashram’s Communicates

    The Ashram celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2013. To prepare for fifty more years of character building, courage and awareness, we’re reflecting on how and what we communicate. So far, we’ve:
    • Created a new home page for www.yasodhara.org
    • Mapped out the way we currently communicate
    • Gathered our historical communication materials
    • Begun working on new words and images to describe ourselves
    Part of this process has been deciding to let Lightwaves rest for a while. We know people want to stay in touch with Ashram news, so keep your eyes open for changes to this newsletter.

    Creek Cabin

    I rest in Creek Cabin. All is quieted by the sound of the stream flowing to the North. To the West, across Kootenay Lake are the mountains beyond Balfour. I feel alone in these woods, yet the Light of the Ashram surrounds me. There is room here to breathe, take space and be quiet.
    Kate Wedemire, YDC Particiant and Photographer

    Built in the ‘60’s, Creek Cabin was recently renovated with the addition of a new bathroom.  It is now available as a comfortable contained guest room, whose view and location will inspire you.

    Buildings and Land Update

    It seems most fitting that as the YDCers deconstruct themselves, we started deconstructing Parvati this month. In parallel processes, we’re pulling back the walls and ceiling, looking at what’s inside and rethinking the space.

    Several other projects have been recently completed around the Ashram: a renovated archives room, a deck on Many Mansions and a new heating system in the Library.

    Things not readily apparent to most visitors include mapping of the Ashram’s underground utilities and a progress report on our carbon neutral program.

    Photo of the Month
    An inukshuk-like sculpture over the mountains on Kootenay Lake. How to make this your desktop wallpaper
    Photo by Skye Richards

  2. The Lightwaves Transition Continues

    March 11, 2011 by Lightwaves, Category: News & Events

    Here at Yasodhara Ashram, when people are going through a transition, we encourage them to pause, take a breath and go inward.

    Lightwaves is in its own transition right now and is going to take that advice. For the next little while Lightwaves will be taking a breath and practicing silence as we reflect on who we are and prepare for the future.

    We know you want to stay in touch with what is happening at the Ashram, and you can still find all the latest news in the monthly Ashram newsletter. If you’re already a newsletter reader, you’ll likely notice a few changes to the newsletter in the upcoming months.

    Our next edition will be emailed in mid-March. If you’re not already signed up to receive the newsletter in your inbox, you can do so here.

    See you in the newsletter!
    The Lightwaves Team

  3. Carried by a Promise has arrived!

    January 12, 2011 by Lightwaves, Category: News & Events

    After much anticipation and excitement, Swami Radhananda’s memoir and first book arrived at the ashram on Tuesday December 23rd around noon.  A circle of supporters gathered to watch her open the first box.

  4. Reaching for New Heights

    expanding living options at yasodhara ashram society

    December 16, 2010 by Ashley, Category: News & Events

    Yasodhara Heights was developed with the Ashram Society members in mind. It offers the opportunity to live away from the core of Ashram daily activity in a retreat-like environment, but also to be close to and engaged in the community and to live in homes that support our commitment to environmental responsibility. (more…)

  5. Charter for Compassion

    November 17, 2010 by Lightwaves, Category: News & Events

    Compassion in Action

    Compassion impels us to work tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of our fellow creatures, to dethrone ourselves from the centre of our world and put another there.

    Born of our deep interdependence, compassion is essential to human relationships and to a fulfilled humanity. It is the path to enlightenment.

    -Excerpted from the Charter for Compassion (more…)

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